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Peace the 21st

The primary objective of Peace the 21st, established in 1984, is to assemble responsible and caring people world wide who agree in common purpose to Peaceconstruct a loving "Thought Image of Peace" quarterly, approximately coincident with the powerful energies available at Solstices and Equinoxes, from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. local time on the 21st day of March, June, September and December.

Unified human thought is the most powerful energy for constructive change available to the human family.

The Plan

Peace the 21st is a very simple yet tremendously effective nonsectarian concept introduced to the world in 1984. Thought is the creative force of the universe and the focused collective thought form of a large number of people assembled in common purpose is the most powerful energy on Earth for the creation of positive change.

The objective of Peace the 21st is to harness this enormous power in the interest of world healing and enlightenment four times annually in conjunction with the heightened energies at Solstices and Equinoxes. A new, mighty and permanent world wide "Thought Image" is thus being constructed on a foundation of universal cooperation and love, into which our race and planet will evolve.

Participation is meant to be free and natural. In a group setting you may take part as you usually do in group healing functions, or arrange a special Peace the 21st service if you prefer. At 7 p.m. local time bring concepts of Love, Peace, Truth and Unity forward with loving intent and dedicate the next thirty minutes to the creation of everlasting Peace and World Healing. If you are alone through circumstances or choice, simply link your personal energy in prayer, meditation or visualization in conscious alignment with the millions of others who celebrate Peace on Solstices and Equinoxes.

Remember, true Peace is far more than the cessation of war. It is total harmony with Universal Energy, All That Is. By networking this material you share that vision.

How You May Participate

VISUALIZE - Visualize Light arising within yourself and expanding throughout your neighborhood, your nation, and the world. See in your mind's eye the Earth surrounded by a soft, golden light. Hold the planet gently in your loving hands, a Golden Light flowing through you. Picture the leaders of troubled nations embracing across negotiating tables. Imagine the smiling faces of burdened people in the news surrounded by light, your loving light. Imagine the planet's Nature Kingdom whole and serene, the oceans and rivers sparkling clean, the earth free from contamination and the air sweet and pure. See lights twinkling brightly all over the world, an Earth totally in harmony. Hold each image as long and intently as you comfortably can.

MEDITATE - Within yourself find that silent place where Universal Peace dwells and All Is One. In this place there can be no conflict, no aggression, no hate. All fear is set aside in love. Remain in this state and allow the energy to flow through you. Feel it flow into the world as you align with All That Is. You are a point of light within the Greater Light. You are Divine Love. You are a channel for Peace, Joy, Healing and Infinite Harmony. Connect with and acknowledge the countless others on all planes sharing this energy. Send them your love.

PRAY - In the stillness of your inner being focus loving, peaceful and healing prayer on places and people in conflict. Direct your prayers for wisdom to the leaders of nations. Offer your prayers for the media, hospitals, the victorious and the vanquished; wherever you perceive need, send forth the focused intent of Truth and Love. Speak the Great Invocation, recite the Lord's Prayer, or any invocation of peaceful intent from any faith. May Peace Prevail on Earth.

ENJOY - Any concept which embodies Peaceful and Loving Intent is complimentary to Peace the 21st celebrations. The important point is to create a wave of group energy around the Earth. Plant a tree. Draw a poster. Dance or sing of Peace. Celebrate the Goddess. Visit and energize a Sacred Site. Bless the forests and the oceans. Honor Peace in a moment of silence. Just light a candle and speak words of wholeness and gratitude, or do all of the above, freely expressing in your own way. Arrange a social event or potluck supper afterward. Peace is Love and Light and Joy. So enjoy yourself!

NETWORK - Form your own Peace the 21st group or network. Encourage other existing groups to participate. Tell people you know. Spread the concept throughout the world by mail or fax, bulletin boards and posters. Photocopy and post this information in public places. Promote the concept of a Whole world living in Harmony and Peace. Peace the 21st is intended to be a network and each participant a networker. Please freely reproduce, distribute and publish this material.


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