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T.A.S.K. Force

A number of years ago an interesting idea came to the attention of the general mass media. It was based on ACTS OF RANDOM KINDNESS being TASKundertaken by individuals and small groups of people who were going out of their way and volunteering their time by performing charitable acts in their neighborhoods, communities and cities.

If anyone remembers the name of the soul who either wrote a book about this or gave birth to the concept - contact us at Vital Spark. We like to give credit where credit is due.

Like all feel-good movements it probably flared brightly for a time but - like a wooden match - quickly burned itself out. Just another flavor of the month consigned to the grave either through lack of will, momentum or a waning of enthusiasm as far as those involved were concerned. Maybe there are still people out there continuing their efforts but we have certainly not heard anything about it for quite awhile.

Perhaps it's time to revivify this stream of consciousness. If the political and economic climate continues on its present course it will become even more pressing for all Lightworkers to share their time / labors with those who are confused, afraid, helpless and in need.

We urge all those who are interested to formulate plans of action in their own communities. Start with yourself - because individual effort takes no collective design or consensus. Are there elderly citizens on your street who require comfort, or need to have their sidewalks shoveled after a snowfall? Is the local food bank looking for people to box groceries? Are the shores of the creek in your neighborhood littered with garbage that has been there for years? The possibilities are endless. Roll up your sleeves and see if you can locate a friend or two who want to pitch in. If you have the resources and wherewithal to organize something on a larger scale - all the more power to you. And let us know how you are making out.


As far as this particular website is concerned we are willing to take the lead in the Greater Toronto metropolitan area. Our TASK (Torontonian Acts of Spiritual Kindness) FORCE is eager to hear from all those able to volunteer time and suggestions. Even if you wish to labor on your own let us know what you are doing and how.

If you wish to become part of a larger group - contact us at Vital Spark.
Let's get together and work as one.

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