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Network of Light

Vital Spark and the Lightworkers of the Greater Toronto Metropolitan Area, Canada, invite you to join us in our Sunday meditation.

With each passing year more and more people from divers spiritual / metaphysical / mystical backgrounds are recognizing the need for personal and universal healing. They have realized that it's not demanded of us that we all embrace identical notions or creeds but that it's crucial that we all uphold the same ideals. The New Age that awaits us, that is being created at this very moment by our thoughts and actions, will be engineered on the bed rock of individual creativity and integrity consecrated for the welfare of every soul and determined to transform society at its innermost level - from a mechanistic worldview to a more holistic one.

The light is reflected in the eyes of every child, woman and man we encounter. We are all connected. We are all one. But how many of us understand this and the impact we all have on each other and the planet we inhabit.

So, please join us every Sunday at 9:30 p.m. (regardless of geography) in the privacy of your own home sanctum and send out thoughts of love, healing and harmony to your community and the world at large. Then end your meditation with the following visualization:

  • see yourself as a pure candle flame or as a bright white light.
  • visualize yourself connecting with other beings of light.
  • focusing on mother earth and humanity at large project your light and hold this projection for as long as you wish.


"the thing we long for,
that we are for one transcendent moment"
James R. Lowell

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