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Mystical Vowel Sounds

Vowel SoundsVowel sounds, intonations and chants have been employed by many organizations and individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures for thousands of years.

They are used to affect a change in the vibratory rate of the psychic centres (chakras), physical glands and the human aura. The higher the rate of vibration the more in tune it is with the emanations from the Divine Mind or the Cosmic. Thus, the intonation of certain sounds can assist in raising the vibrations of the body above those of disease and also raising consciousness to a higher level.

The following vowel sounds are presented with permission from Gary Stewart, Imperator of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross (CR+C). Students of CR+C learn about vowel sounds in depth and have the opportunity to participate with other students in group settings.


Dress comfortably and sit with your hands upon your lap, unclasped, palms down and legs uncrossed, feet on the floor or ground. You should find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit tall, holding the spine erect and chin tucked in slightly. Breathe with the diaphragm. The sound is produced on the exhalation of breath.

The following descriptions include the note on which the vowel is intoned. You may vary the pitch to suit your own personal nature or needs at the time of the intonation.

You should not attempt to force development by the overuse of the vowel intonations. They should be used periodically to allow the psychic centres to develop normally and naturally.

The Vowels

RA is a royal character of the masculine nature. It affects the sympathetic nervous system, the human aura, and the psychic body. Pronounced like the word raw, it is intoned on A natural above middle C.

MA may be called the companion sound to RA. It is the mothering, feminine sound of a strengthening, protective nature. It affects the parasympathetic nervous system. Pronounced like the word maw, it is also intoned on A natural above middle C.

The vocal sounds RA and MA are used to arouse the pituitary gland, which may be thought of as the centre of consciousness in both the physical and psychic bodies.

KHEI, pronounced kay ee, produces a luminous lilac or lavender colour in the aura. Intoning KHEI aids good health generally and is indicative of lofty spiritual aspirations and higher emotions. It is intoned on E natural above middle C.

THO is an invigorating, arousing sound. It stimulates the thyroid gland, which controls growth and affects learning and energies in both mental and muscle activity. It produces a violet red aura. It is intoned on F# above middle C.

MEH affects the blood stream and the solar plexus. It assists in producing the yellow-green colour in the aura that helps the psychic faculties transmit impressions to the material self. It is intoned on middle C.

ER produces an effect that is positive and stimulating, affecting the pancreas. It makes the predominant colour in the aura brighter. It is intoned on middle C.

EHM, pronounced like the word aim, is a peace producing sound. It affects the thymus gland and quiets the nervous system, alleviating pain and suffering. It is intoned on B above middle C.

THA is a rich, significant sound that affects the sympathetic nervous system, the human aura, and the psychic body. It is intoned on A natural above middle C.

EYE emanates vibrations that are soothing and pleasing and produces a deep red colour in the aura. This signifies compassion and deep sympathy for our fellow man. It is intoned on G natural above middle C.

EH, pronounced like the vowel in the word yet, was found by the ancient mystics to have power over, or an effect upon, the water element in nature. EH is stimulating and effective, especially for those who have some minor illness or blood disorder. It produces a red tinge in the aura. It is intoned on middle C.

OOM should be drawn out allowing the M sound to fade away at the end. The meaning of M is of the maturing, passive power of the feminine nature. The letter O represents the universe, endless space, and the immortality of life without beginning or end. It is intoned on D above middle C.

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