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Eleven : Eleven

The Eleven Gates
excerpted from the writings of Solara

To make the shift from duality to Oneness we must travel in measured increments through ever more heightened frequency bands of energy. This cannot be achieved instantly, otherwise our beings would be unable to adjust to the quickened energies. This is why we have twenty years to pass through the 11:11. We will need all that time to recalibrate our beings so we can shift Great Central Sun Systems.

Thus, within the Doorway of the 11:11 there are Eleven Gates. Each gate is a stepping up station to a new frequency band of energy. They are similar to locks in a canal. After we enter a gate, our consciousness is raised to the new, heightened frequency band which we travel upon until we reach the next one. Each gate has a certain vibratory keynote with which we must align ourselves in a state of harmonic resonance. It is this process of alignment with the gate's frequency band which gives us the necessary initiations and recalibrations to travel further.

First Gate

The First Gate is entered as soon as we step inside the 11:11. We do this by leaping over the Abyss into the Unknown. We are now on the New Road. Soon we can perceive that the air itself feels like an aqueous substance. Watery currents undulate all around us as the Invisible begins to reveal itself. The focus here is on the healing of our emotions. This requires a constant process of letting go, a continuous reevaluation of our old ways of feeling, thinking and being. Our relationships are restructured or let go of. With this completion of the old, we experience an activation of our Greater Hearts moving us into the state of the One Heart. Thus our new emotional body is birthed.

On January 11, 1992, over 144,000 people gathered together in groups large and small throughout the planet and opened the Doorway of the 11:11. This activation was unique in that a series of Unified Movements and Sacred Dances were performed at three preordained times. The participants wore white to symbolize their inherent Oneness.

There were two Master Cylinders for the 11:11 Activation which served as the stabilization pinions for the Wheels within Wheels Unified Movements. They were located at the Great Pyramids in Giza, Egypt - the Omega Point, and in Queenstown, New Zealand - the Alpha Point. Here, the Unified Movements were performed for thirty-eight continuous hours to synchronize with the various time zones around the planet. The Egyptian group was composed of 500 people from thirty-six countries.

Throughout the planet, the Unified Movements were performed at 11:11 a.m., 11:11 p.m. and 11:11 p.m. Greenwich Mean time. It was during this GMT, when all the groups performed the movements at exactly the same time, that the Doorway of the 11:11 officially opened. Many participants worldwide saw a brilliant shaft of light anchor deep within the Earth during this time.

The purpose of the 11:11 Activation was to open the Doorway of the 11:11. This Doorway is the transition zone or bridge between two very different spirals of evolution: those anchored in duality and Oneness. During the 11:11 Ceremony, these two spirals overlapped and interlocked into a docking position. This Zone of Overlap is the actual Doorway of the 11:11. The overlapping of spirals remains in position until the 11:11 closes on November 11, 2011. This is when the two spirals of evolution will separate once again. Thus, we have a twenty year period in which to graduate from duality and ascend into Oneness.

Second Gate

The Activation of Second Gate took place on June 5, 1993. Ceremonies were held all over the planet with the Master Cylinder located on the equator inside the volcanic crater of Pululahua in Ecuador. While this was the date that Second Gate was activated, it is important to remember that we are all on our own individual timetables of transformation.

Although a Gate cannot be entered until its Activation, we don't all enter it at the same time. Many are still passing through First Gate, while others have yet to enter the 11:11. This passage through the Gates cannot be rushed, forced or faked.

Second Gate represents the fusion of our deepest heart's desires with our highest spiritual goals. The fulfillment of our heart's desires becomes the next step in fulfilling our Divine Mission. The previous separation between the personal and the spiritual is hereby transcended.

The keynote of Second Gate is the two becoming One. This entails an intensive process of reunifying all our inherent polarities into a greater Oneness. This includes our inner male and female, Sun and Moon, Earth and Star. Our new emotional bodies are strengthened, further anchoring the One Heart. We now embody the 'Lovers from Beyond the Stars' - a deeper, vaster Love than we ever knew as True Loves. The reunion and merger of the Lovers from Beyond the Stars into One Being leads us to a yet deeper level of Love known as the Greater Love.

Third Gate

Third Gate Activation #1 took place on May 17, 1997 with the Master Cylinder near Bled, Slovenija. Activation #2 transpired on August 17, 1997, with the Master Cylinder near Eureka, Montana. Activation #3 occurred on October 12, 1997, with the Master Cylinder in the Glasshouse Mountains Queensland, Australia.

The keynote of Third Gate is our expansion into One Being. The One Being is an organic, unified, living organism. In truth, we are all part of One Being. This is quite different than our old concepts of unity as individualized units of consciousness. When we realize this, when we base all our actions and emotional responses upon our knowing of our inherent interwovenness into Oneness, then our One Being is quickened and comes alive. It is our newly birthed One Being embodying the Greater Love who is ready to step forth into our New Lives anchored in the Greater Reality.

Third Gate also births the New Relationship Patterning. These will be greatly expanded forms of partnerships, quite different than anything we have yet experienced. The New Partnerships are between Core Beings, not personality selves as in the old patterning. We will be merging personal love and spiritual love into the Greater Love.

The first step will be the breakdown of the old relationship patterns. This may involve several years of clearing out our old patterns and recalibrating our beings. It also entails the completion of some of our pre-existing relationships.

These new karma-free relationships will soon become possible. They are the ones which will create the energy vortices necessary for the deeper insertion of the Greater Reality into the physical. As we move beyond duality into ever more heightened states of Oneness, these new relationships will become increasingly important, serving as resonating generators of the Greater Love, keepers of the New Matrix.

Fourth Gate

The Fourth Gate was activated on August 11, 1999 with the Master Cylinder located in Tahiti, French Polynesia. This gate represents a shifting of platelets, a dissolving of veils, a reconfiguring of the basic structure of our evolutionary Labyrinth which will create totally new patterns. This results in New Directions being opened up and revealed for the first time.

Our old evolutionary Labyrinth was aligned with a specific harmonic resonance which set the parameters of the potential directions we could take in our lives. This meant that we could only travel along pre-determined pathways. Although there were some pathways which we either never found or never chose to take, they were available to us within the patterning of our evolutionary Labyrinth.

Often we endlessly repeated certain well worn paths within our Labyrinth. These paths were determined by our karma, our ingrained attitudes and behaviors and our fear of the Unknown.

We have been undergoing a period of intense transformation where we have been forced to deal with our unresolved core issues accumulated through many lifetimes and to become more clear, real and true. This is why many have been experiencing so much turbulence and intensity for the past number of years. We are dealing with core issues, healing the hurts of our old experiences, letting go of imbalanced relationships and ingrained behaviors - and becoming real. It is by embodying our Core Beings and by being True, Real and Honest as never before, by following our Hearts and Living our Love that we shall open these Doorways into our New Lives.

If you want to learn about the rest of the Gates go to Solara's impressive site at

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