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The Greater Ascension

11:11 The Greater Ascension
by Solara

There is much talk about ascension these days. Numerous books have been and are being written on the subject. Theories abound ranging from UFO intervention to the liberation from duality. Where is this impending ascension going to take us? Possibly to a huge spaceship or the Fifth Dimension or to a Greater Central Sun System. Everyone seems to have a part of the key, and yet all this profusion of information doesn't quite flow together into a unified whole. Thus there is massive confusion concerning the truth of ascension.

Many of us feel that this is our last lifetime on the Earth as we have known it. We are bringing our long cycle of incarnations to a close. This also gives us the knowledge that this final lifetime is an important one. Now is the time to complete all unresolved karma. We need to step into wholeness by integrating our shadow selves, healing our emotions and clearing all those elements within our beings which keep us from openly being our True Selves. In addition to this, each of us has a Divine Mission to fulfill. We are all here for a reason. We are also aware that we are going through a tremendous amount of restructuring for some Higher Purpose. This transformation is taking place on the core cellular levels of our being, severely affecting the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Our Light Bodies are being formed and we know that we will need them in the future for our "ascension".

There is also the growing realization that we are in the Times of Completion, the final days of duality. Many of us can feel the life-force slipping away from duality. Once solid matter is becoming increasingly transparent. The reality of duality is dissolving. Suddenly the life we have been living, our old selves, our old value systems have become limp and lifeless. They no longer feel real. At the same time, the gap between who we really are and who we embody in daily life is becoming increasingly uncomfortable. We desperately want to bridge this gap and experience full integration.

Do you remember when we were younger in far more innocent times, when the world was full of myriad places to visit or live, when our career choices were many, when this world was filled with infinite unlimited potential? This new sense of duality's hollowness isn't merely a symptom of advanced age or maturity. It is felt by all those who are awakened beings, regardless of their age or experience. There are many young people just starting out on their life's path who are feeling this emptiness as well. They look about at their diminished options, trying to create a future which feels exciting and real, yet find nothing which offers the possibility of true fulfillment. Everything feels flat, dull and known, as if we had already done it all before.

A profound sense of weariness begins to settle in, like an encroaching mist pulling everything into its clammy embrace. Often it feels as if the colors are draining out of life, revealing the unrelenting starkness of black, white and gray. Senseless wars abound in this era of random violence, widespread corruption and underlying fear. Where is the vibrancy, the bounteous joy of living? Where is a future in which we can live as ecstatic beings filled with love and optimism?

One thing is certain; we will no longer find our meaning or our fulfillment within the old Template of Duality. We won't find the security we seek within the old value system. We won't find the depth of love or the enlightened relationships for which we yearn. We won't even find our True Selves, for this is the Land of Illusion. Here in the Time of Completion, duality is truly dying away. During these final days we will see much that has been previously hidden in the darkest crevasses of our souls and within our collective planetary unconscious brought up to the surface to be cleansed, healed and transformed. At last, the mist of illusion is being illuminated and dispelled.

Yes, it is a most challenging time to be alive. Yet, we would do well to constantly remember that each of us chose to be alive right now, not only to experience the final days of duality, but to serve as midwives and instruments of Divine Intervention to shift the evolutionary template of planet Earth. We are here to facilitate the quantum leap from duality to Oneness!

How do we make this shift, living in such an unreal world? First, of course, we must make it within our own individual beings. We must lovingly and forcefully loosen all which keeps us hooked into duality. We must shake free of the false limitations of time and space, unpinning our beings so that we can live in the eternal state of No-Time. We must rise above gravity itself by stepping into our true vastness. Most importantly, our beings need to be anchored in a deeper level of love known as the One Heart.

There is a new world waiting to be born. It can and must be experienced in our physical bodies on this physical planet. And it waits for us to birth it. This new world is known as the Greater Reality. It exists in a frequency band of energy which we call the Invisible. It is all around us right now. We will not find our new future in duality. If we want to discover our true futures, if we want to be vibrantly alive and fulfilled, if we want to live in the New, then we must learn how to explore the Invisible ...

How do we locate the Invisible? It is quite easy to find. Actually it's been here all along, right next to us. You can look for it in all the places you used to regard as empty. Here's a simple map: spiral

The spiral represents duality. This spiral is quite easy to see for it's been made with a strong line. Now look at this drawing again. In the spaces in between the line you will be able to see the much larger white spiral. This is the Spiral of Oneness. It has been here all along, only we never thought to look into the Invisible to find it. We had made the assumption that empty space was empty! Now that we have found the new spiral, our next task is to step off the old spiral and into the Unknown. This is where we will find our future. This is where the New shall be born.

We can step off the old spiral by steadily shifting our vantage point from the old to the New, by remembering who we truly are in each moment of our lives, and by choosing to anchor our beings on the Template of Oneness. This is a gradual process with continual improvement. Every time that we don't get hooked back into duality, we step deeper into the New Spiral. The more we walk on the New Road, the stronger and easier it is to sustain.

The Old Spiral

The old spiral represents the spiral of evolution we have traveled upon since we first came to this planet. This spiral anchors the Template of Duality, which means that here we are subject to the laws of time, space and karma. Another distinguishing feature of this spiral is that everything is perceived from the physical realms. "If it appears on the physical, it is real". The opposite of this, would also be seen as true. "If it's not on the physical, it's not real".

This is the spiral of duality's definition of reality. Here, one's vantage point would be standing on the Earth gazing outwards in a horizontal manner. Almost all our attention is placed on other physical phenomena. Success and happiness on this spiral are mainly defined and measured by what we can amass on the physical realms, such as money, career, family, an attractive and successful partner, house, car, possessions, and our own physical appearance. We put a lot of our attention on achieving and improving these things.

Our horizontal focus is sometimes altered when we include spiritual practices in our lives. For example: when we pray we look upwards, when we meditate we look inwards, when we contemplate we get an overview. However, most religions on the spiral of duality are for the purpose of giving us peace of mind or a partial enlightenment while we travel further within duality. Their primary motivation is not to set us free from duality, although that occasionally happens with a few saintly, advanced souls.


In August 1987 there was a massive planetary activation called Harmonic Convergence. Hundreds of thousands of people participated throughout the planet and anchored the Fourth Dimension. This event also served to awaken many to previously unexplored spiritual dimensions and realities. Around this time there was a huge explosion of New Age philosophies. A profusion of people began channeling everything from their own Higher Selves to disincarnate entities, dolphins, devas, space commanders and Ascended Masters.

Suddenly there were a lot of new teachings, processes and information to assimilate. Many of us had not yet honed our skills of discernment and in our great excitement at awakening, welcomed everything with enthusiastic openness, forgetting to run it through our own individual truth filters. Yes, we belonged to the Ashtar Command, Great White Brotherhood and Mikael's Legions. We were also Angels, incarnate unicorns, space aliens, Goddesses, shamans and who knows what else!

It was starting to get confusing. For such a long time we had been aligned with the horizontal energies of second-hand knowledge and now here we were, opening up to vertical energies and being overloaded! What many of us didn't realize is that because the Fourth Dimension had merged with the Third, much of this new input was emanating from the astral planes. Some were aware of this, but didn't mind, since it was such an improvement over what we had known before.

In the midst of this psychic cacophony, information was received concerning our impending ascension. Now what people often forget is that channeled information is only as good as the level of consciousness of its Source. Even if it emanates from the Highest, is this Highest coming from the spiral of duality or that of Oneness? Also its accuracy depends a lot on the purity and awareness of the channel him/herself. Although they might be contacting a very high Source, how that information or energy is interpreted or stepped down into the physical will totally depend upon the one receiving the transmission. This is an area of much distortion and misinterpretation. Remember that game we used to play as children where we would whisper a message all around a circle. By the time the message came back around to the beginning, it was totally different. No wonder that many of us are confused!

Over the years while observing this proliferation of psychic phenomena, I have grown increasingly concerned. This is because we really do have an amazing opportunity before us to ascend, to return Home, to graduate from duality. The ascension is real. But since there is so much misinformation making the rounds, it is quite possible that the Greater Ascension will get lost and forgotten in the numerous levels of illusion which abound. Another thing which I have discovered is that there is more than one ascension available to us at the present time. Ascension is possible at many different levels of consciousness. It is of utmost importance that we are clear as to our destination and that we make conscious choices as to where we want to go. Otherwise, we might discover that yes, we have ascended, but maybe not to where we thought we were going.

THE 11:11

On January 11, 1992 another great planetary activation took place called the 11:11. Once again, hundreds of thousands of people participated worldwide. The 11:11 was unique in that a series of Unified Movements were performed at three pre-ordained times. The participants wore white to symbolize the purity of our inherent Oneness. Never before has this synchronized unity been achieved on Earth.

The Purpose of this activation was to open the Doorway of the 11:11. This Doorway is the transition zone between two very different spirals of evolution, that of duality and Oneness. Each spiral is connected with a different Great Central Sun System. During the 11:11 Ceremony these two spirals were overlapped and interlocked into a docking position. This area of overlap is the actual Doorway of the 11:11. The overlapping of spirals remains in position until the 11:11 closes on December 31st, 2011, causing the two spirals of evolution to separate once again. Thus we have a twenty year period to make the transition or ascension from duality to Oneness.

The 11:11 is but one of several levels of ascension now available to us. However, as far as I know, it is the one which will take us the greatest distance on our Homeward Journey and it is the only one which will enable us to step free of the dimensional patterning of our present Great Central Sun System.

It is fine if you choose to make a conscious decision to remain in duality, or be picked up by a spaceship, or ascend to the Fifth, Seventh or Ninth Dimensions, as long as you are aware of your destination. There is no right or wrong way to ascend; there are simply different choices leading to different destinations. Perhaps, it is not for everyone at this time to make a quantum leap through the 11:11 into a Greater Central Sun System. But it is important that you are clear as to what the differences in destination represent, so you can make the most appropriate choice for yourself.

Part of my Divine Mission as a visionary is to explore and communicate our Homeward Journey through the 11:11. The 11:11 is not a stargate or another dimensional reality; it is a bridge of ascension into a new spiral of evolution anchored in Oneness. I am not here to criticize other levels of ascension, but rather to maintain clarity as to what the 11:11 is about, so it will not be buried in confusion as something that happened in the past and is now complete.

I know well that each activation upon this planet, whether large or small, public or private, regardless of level of consciousness, is serving to quicken our total ascension process and loosen the calcification of duality. I have deep gratitude to all beings serving in this manner with full integrity. However, an alignment of focus is needed and an enlarged vision which acknowledges all parts of the greater map of ascension. In order to achieve the Highest, purest ascension possible, we need focused intent, we need unity of Purpose and we need to stand together in the One Heart. Let's remember that the ascension is a process, not an event!

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