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Eleven : Eleven

11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed within our cellular
memory banks prior to our descent into matter which,
when activated, signifies that our time of
completion is near.

An Introduction by Solara

The time has finally arrived. We stand poised on the brink of a great adventure - the fulfillment of our Divine Missions on Planet Earth. It is our graduation from the template of duality enabling us to rise up into true Mastery and Freedom. We are now entering upon the time of completion. This is the beginning of the next phase of our journey Homeward.

We have long carried within us, pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks, the knowledge and sealed orders which shall serve us in these times of completion. These were placed within us long ago, prior to experiencing our initial descent into matter. The fulfillment of our Divine Missions is the reason we chose to come to Earth in the first place!

Throughout our cycle of embodiments upon Earth we have laboriously prepared to be ready to serve in our fullest capacity when the preordained time arrived. And the time is now. The Call to Awaken has already resounded across the Celestial Vastness, calling us to remember and ultimately, to embody, that which we truly are in our full magnificence and empowerment.

We have much to accomplish. What we are being called to achieve is of a scope far greater than anything we can presently imagine. The Earth herself is nearing her time of graduation from the third dimensional patterning and she, who has succored our needs for so long, now requires our help to birth her into a New Octave of Oneness. And by serving as Earth's midwives we, the awakened humanity of Earth, also birth ourselves onto a new spiral of evolution.

Our first task is to transform ourselves into awakened multidimensional beings, thus fully merging the fourth and fifth dimensions into the third. It is the inner union between Earth ascending and Heaven descending. This sacred merger has already been achieved by many of us and numerous others are awakening daily as the Call steadily intensifies. We are reclaiming our Divine Birthright and Heritage, remembering that we are Angels incarnate, vast starry beings of Light who are no longer limited to and bound by the illusions of time, space and matter.

We are ready to join together as emanations of the One. This is of primary importance for the great work in front of us requires that we unite as a collective whole. The new doorways cannot be opened or passed through by any of us still operating as individual units of consciousness. They are brought into manifestation through our Unified Presence, through our focused intent, through our total commitment to serving our Higher Purpose.

The 11:11 is the bridge to an entirely different spiral or energy patterning. It is the step beyond the known dimensional universe into a new patterning of Octaves. It is a journey into the Unknown which shall lead us ever closer home.

This cycle of major planetary activations was begun on December 31, 1986 with the World Peace Meditation called forth by John Randolph Price. Next was the Harmonic Convergence on August 16 and 17, 1987, activated by Jose Arguelles. Then came Earth Link in February 1988, centered over Uluru in Australia, brought forth by Vincent Selleck. This was followed by a series of smaller planetary events, such as Star Link (activating the Angelic Vortex in Los Angeles), Crystal Light Link (activating the crystal grids in April 1989) and Time Warp in November 1989. Each of these activations served to further bring the planet and humanity into an increased sense of Oneness - healing, transforming and ushering new levels of consciousness into the planetary Logos.

All of these quantum leaps brought us to the place of readiness - to the most important activation since then - the Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11.

The symbol of the 11:11 was pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks long ago, before we ever made our initial descent into matter. It was placed into us, seared into the very fibers and DNA of our beings, as part of our preparations prior to beginning our cycle of incarnations upon the Earth. The 11:11 has rested dormantly within us since that time, positioned under a time-release mechanization, complete with sealed orders which would open when the 11:11 was fully activated. Many of you have recognized this symbol as something of great significance, yet have been unaware of its true meaning. With the advent of digital clocks many years ago, the presence of 11:11 began to make itself felt, often appearing on the clock at moments of accelerated awareness. For those of you who have known that 11:11 was something special, we ask you to come forth into positions of leadership for you hold important parts of the key. Let your sealed orders be now opened!

The Star-Borne are all of us presently incarnate who know that we originate from somewhere beyond this planet. We are beginning to remember that we chose to undergo incarnation on Earth in order to serve in the transmutation of matter. And that once this was achieved we would be able to move both the planet and the portions of humanity 'who will choose themselves' onto an entirely new evolutionary template. This is our graduation from the dimensional illusions of duality and separation, our step into mastery and freedom, our fulfillment of our Divine Missions and our return home to conscious Oneness.

The Doorway of the 11:11 is the bridge between two spirals. This bridge is the channel for our mass ascension. In the old spiral is the patterning which contains dimensions 1 - 6. These are the boundaries of our known dimensional universe. This is the spiral which we have traveled on since our first earthly experiences. Inherent within this patterning is the illusion of duality and separation. Herein we have labored under the concept that we were individualized units of consciousness, separate from the Source, stranded beings searching for God. Here we felt ourselves alone, abandoned perhaps, ever striving to remember something of vast importance which always resided just beyond the grasp of our conscious minds. Yet, there has always been embedded within us a deep yearning to return Home, though we knew not where that magical place, or state of consciousness, might be found.

The doorway of the 11:11 opened on January 11, 1992. This activation was centered at the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This was due to the powerful alignment there of both the Master Grid (A) and B Grid vortexes. It was the only location on the planet where those two major planetary grid systems were aligned and activated (the Great Pyramids have long served as a beacon for remembrance of our starry origins and contain the key for our homeward journey).

The doorway of the 11:11 opens once and it closes once. Only one may pass through. This one is our Unified Presence, the many as One. The 11:11 opened on January 11, 1992 and will close on November 11, 2011.

It is of utmost importance that all of us step into the full magnificence of our starry selves. We can begin by cleaning out our lives, lovingly discarding any outmoded habits and thought forms which are rooted in the illusion of separation and denial. Go through your closets, both literally and figuratively, and shed anything that no longer resonates with the Truth of your Being. Simplify everything so it vibrates in accord with you and leaves you space for the introduction of the New. Complete any unfinished business, any unresolved relationships, anything that holds you back, that keeps you smaller than you really are.

Begin laying the foundations of the new by organizing your life into greater efficiency to support your Higher Self. Make sure you take the time to nourish yourself, to be silent and to listen to the transmissions you are or will soon be receiving. Join with others who support your continuing growth. Make time for relaxation and play, for this facilitates integration of the accelerated frequencies.

Clear up any fears you may have around the issue of power. We have all misused power at one time or another. It was simply part of the full third dimensional experience. Set aside your guilt and forgive yourself for any previous transgressions. As you remember who you are and begin to anchor your Higher Self into your physical body, your ego will become smaller and smaller. Your vast, starry overself containing unlimited amounts of love and wisdom will begin to see through your eyes, think through your mind - thus transforming everything.

Focus on the whole instead of the fragments of the whole. See all humanity as one vast starry being, held together by love. Contact your Golden, Solar Angel. Ask for your Angelic or Starry name, and once you receive it, begin to use it. These names are triggers which aid in our transformational process, dissolving the old third dimensional patterning within our beings and aligning us to the New. They are one of the most powerful tools presently available. Your Starry name is YOUR name, YOUR personal resonance, the unique vibration of your ray of the star of One. It opens up and strengthens your pathway Homeward.

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Questions & Answers

Is Solara a channeler and, if so, who is she channeling?

Solara does not channel. She remembers. There are many people all over the planet at this point in time who are awakening - who are remembering their celestial heritage, remembering who they really are, why they are here and what they came here to do. They are merging their 'light' bodies into their physical bodies. They are re-opening their own direct access to God, The One, The I Am That I Am, Divine Essence or whatever you want to call the Energy that pervades and unites us all. Back to Q&A

Who are the star-borne?

We are all star-borne. Presently, there are those individuals who remember, those who are in the process of remembering, and those who choose not to remember. Our work is with those in the first two groups. There are many people who choose not to remember, who opt to anchor their being in duality and to continue to subsist and prevail in the illusion of separation. Those unwilling to make the shift (either through fear or simply because it is not yet their 'time') are individuals who deserve our love and blessings - for we are not here to coerce and extort them into self-actualization/transformation. Back to Q&A

What's the difference between first and second wave star-borne people?

First wavers are the ones who have been incarnated on this planet many times. They entered 3D existence at the beginning of creation or shortly thereafter. Typical first wavers have considerable earthly experience/knowledge - but are also generally quite fatigued (or world-weary) because they've inhabited this plane of being for such a long time. The 11:11 is an energetic shift, an acceleration into a new octave of experience; it is their wake up call, their graduation, their beacon/bugle call broadcasting that it is time to go Home. It is time to align in conscious oneness (like many small birds forming a larger unified one) in order to journey (together) a far greater distance than they would have been able to on their own. Back to Q&A

Second wavers are builders of the New. They are the ones suffused with vim and vinegar, bristling with vigor and vitality and filled with lofty intentions and visions. They have this strong feeling that they're here to participate in and accomplish something very powerful and unique and Promethean - but it's not quite happening for them just yet. They have far less 3D experience (which doesn't mean first wavers are more 'advanced' than they are - second wavers have inhabited other spheres/dimensions of being and simply have not enjoyed as many earthly embodiments). And it's important to realize that the opening of the 11:11 Doorway and the entire movement through this portal depends on first and second wavers joining / working together in harmony, in affirmation, in total commitment - as One. Back to Q&A

What is a mudra?

A mudra is a sacred dynamic/movement that may encompass one's entire body but is usually performed using the arms and hands. A mudra symbolizes / expresses your ancestry, your matrix, your Source. To receive your personal mudra - stand, center yourself, close your eyes and state "I am ______ " (your Angelic name if you know it), and then lift your arms to the star that has always been above you. Experience its energy. Allow your hands/arms to move freely - as they begin to form a design/configuration.

Repeat this exercise until you are totally comfortable with your mudra - until you 'feel' it, until you ARE it. Back to Q&A

How structured is the 11:11?

There are no sanctioned / official 11:11 groups (although throughout this continent and the rest of the planet individuals who resonate with the 11:11 may be getting together to chat, meditate or socialize). However, Anchor Groups do formulate world-wide preceding every Activation / Initiation.

At this point in time the 11:11 website is the primary gathering place for those who are seeking guidance, information and an opportunity to fraternize with those of like mind. Back to Q&A

What is the 12:12?

12:12 does not now, nor has it ever, had anything to do with the 11:11 and the mission of Solara. It may have been created by the usual opportunists / profiteers - or to distort and funnel off 11:11 energy. Back to Q&A

Is it important to have an Angelic Name - and how would I go about doing so?

Your starry name is a sound vibration denoting who you REALLY are - the appellation you had before you entered 3D existence - the signature for your Unified Presence. It is not a moniker someone gives you - but is already intrinsic within you, waiting to be remembered when you are ready and willing. Your Angelic name signifies your star lineage and recalling it and using/verbalizing it is a potent connecting mechanism / trigger that you can utilize to assist you on your journey Home. Back to Q&A

If you truly wish to make contact with your Guardian it is suggested that you purchase Solara's booklet - Invoking Your Celestial Guardians. Everyone on the planet has a guardian but many individuals are not presently receptive to attuning with them, with their Higher Selves, with the One. They are blocked because of disbelief, anger, fear, denial et cetera. If you feel you are ready - or have already been preparing/cleansing yourself through meditation, purification, the releasing of your personal issues and so on - and the above mentioned volume is not available at your local bookstore, then -

  1. Go to your sanctum sanctorum (which can be a simple chair and desk - on which you have placed candles, crystals or any personal sacred item). Prepare yourself as you see fit (music, incense, breathing exercises etc.).
  2. Purity of motive is essential. Focus your intent and ask your Celestial Guardian to make its presence known.
  3. When you sense this Love encompassing you, ask for its name. The response may come as a word, thought or sound.
  4. If the word you receive is "Ralph" or "Tiffany" we suggest you delve deeper into yourself and try again. Your name is not derived from this earth plane but rather from higher Celestial / dimensional realms.
  5. When a certain sound/name repeatedly vibrates within you - accept it with grace and devotion and then state, "I AM (the name received)".
  6. Once communication with your Celestial Guardian is firmly established (through continued meditation, sacred exercises and the like) you will discover that you no longer need to search for spiritual counsel outside of yourself. The wisdom is already within you - and always has been!

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Solara Biography

"If you seek to be one of the Chosen, simply choose yourself".

Solara is a visionary who has arduously prepared for the work she is doing. She is one who knows and remembers. She serves her Divine Mission with total commitment, dedication, courage, strength and love.

She was raised by spiritually conscious parents and spent years delving into ancient religions/energies. She spent several years living as a hermit in the mountains exploring new dimensional doorways until she finally realized she had reached the limits of what she could experience by herself - for the keys to the new doorway were to be created by the many uniting as One.

Solara has traveled throughout the globe since 1987. She gave birth to the Vision for the 11:11 Doorway and served as its center point for years as she carried the scepter of responsibility by herself. This scepter has now been passed to everyone of us so that we all may rise into our empowered Presence, that together our load may be lighter - and united as One, we may complete our homeward journey.

Solara has helped activate countless individuals through innumerable lectures and workshops. She is the author of:

Invoking Your Celestial Guardians
The Star-Borne
The Legend Of Altazar
How To Live Large On A Small Planet

Visit the 11:11 website at

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