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Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence, truth and knowledge. It incorporates ontology (the science / nature of true being) and epistemology (the study of the origin, methods and limits of knowledge). The student of metaphysics is interested in first causes, the nature of "reality" and in what lies beyond the sensory world.




The Law Of Karma
by Dr. Peter Daley

The moving finger having writ moves on , and all your tears shall cancel not a word of it*.

The Law of Karma is The Law of Inevitability. Every cause has an equal reaction, even as it is true in the physical world so is it true in the metaphysical world throughout all its septenate ramifications, and holds for moral and ethical considerations also. This principal is of particular interest and importance to everyone, all unselfish deeds in the spirit of love and service have the effect of achieving merit for the positive and good things of life, but not necessarily in the present one. In the same way an evil life motivated by selfishness and regardless of the harm to others will result in physical limitation and negative experience in future lives, if not in the present. It can be seen from this that repeated lives in different personalities and environments are an inescapable conclusion for The Law to work out. Even thoughts are subject to "karmic scrutiny" day and night.

The suffering of the world is due to the actions and attitudes of the race as a whole over the centuries of recorded history, and long before that. The purpose of human life is to learn, and it seems we are still at the bottom of the class in the solar system "doing it the hard way", and so what cannot be enjoyed in life has to be endured. I heard it said that the reason suffering and distress of all kinds is so rife in the world today is because "karmic debts are being called in", in anticipation and preparation for the next phase of human development, and although this may still be centuries away, from the position of the gods earthly existence in the totality of its numerous lives is only a brief episode in the experience of an individual monad in The Cosmic Plan, and a mere eye blink in Cosmic Time. However, as explained elsewhere opportunities for shortening the process are available in what could be regarded as an escape clause in The Plan, and as such is included in the various systems of Yoga of which the most potent of all is Karma Yoga in the form of service to humanity, in these days, as we are now being subjected to increasing evolutionary pressure by transmuting radiation from above. Like attracts like in terms of character and behaviour in the realms between lives, and applies equally to the upper and lower realms. The upper is referred to in the ancient eastern literature as Devachan, the lower are places where those with a preference for selfish competition and vice can prey on each other. These decisions are made by ourselves during life.

The Law of Karma underlies all the other Cosmic Laws, and there is no escape from it as it is written into the very fabric of the "Omniverse". It is an essential part of evolution sweeping all life into higher states if existence, in which the human stage is the transition between the lower three worlds and the three higher. The Force behind it is The Impersonal Love of That which the Mystics call the "Cosmic Mother" of whom the most outstanding mystic of all in recent times, was Ramakrishna.

For the benefit of those who might like a bit of biblical confirmation of The Law :- "Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord", and also from the Old Testament, "An Eye for an Eye ..... etc." which unfortunately has been used as an excuse for feuds in misinterpretation ever since. In The New Testament there is :-"Not one jot or one tittle of the Law but shall be fulfilled......" in a saying of Jesus, but most of all "As you sow ,so shall you reap!" is His most emphatic reference to Karmic Law. The Christian Church has replaced the teaching of Karmic Law by the "Washing Away of Sins by The Blood of Christ" and ritualized in The Confession. This is contrary to The Law and cannot occur, in spite if some misconceptions by the writers of the gospels. According to The Law there is forgiveness but NO Forgetting and is ministered impartially to us, by ourselves .

"The moving finger having writ moves on , and all your tears shall cancel not a word of it"*( Omar Khayam)

Universally The Law is administered by The Supreme Lords of Karma, and at the highest level of The Hierarchy maintains the balance between the Forces of Evolution and Creation against the tendency to revert to Chaos from which All arose in the Beginning. At least that is my humble conclusion.

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by Dr. Peter Daley

There is no such thing as Death, only transition to a different environment followed by rebirth. This seems to be a difficult thing for the rationalist mind-set to envisage, although the fear of death is a built in and necessary part of the survival instinct. In the western world death is something not readily spoken of; it used to be sex which was the taboo subject. Some societies used to leave their aged members in a cold and desolate place in the depths of winter to quietly succumb to the elements and literally freeze to death, or they would often decide to quietly slip away to die themselves when they felt they were becoming a burden to the tribal family.

The whole western world is full of the fear of death and dying, in contrast to to more ancient and pagan view of the orient, where the demise of the departed is celebrated as a release from the limitations and privations of material existence. The identification of the self with the physical body is only too apparent in the morbid fascination with graves and their contents, which is to be seen in any cemetery. This reverence of the memory is not to be decried however, but often involves a reluctance to accept that the life that was, still lives in another dimension. And so let us mourn our losses for a little while but never be sorry for those who are free at last from the hard school of earthly experience.

The idea of the self being essentially the physical body and the last resort of a consciousness, only arose with the perverted doctrine of the Christian Church denying and forbidding teaching the principle of re-incarnation, which was replaced with the bizarre notion of resurrection of the body in the remote future with a paradisiacal existence in between and after, or the opposite according to merit or demerit. Why the old founders of the church found this necessary is open to speculation. It was not due to ignorance because most of them were initiates of a high order in the mystical schools of the time. To ignore the warnings against teaching anything contrary to the established orthodoxy was met by speedy reaction often with violent and fatal results. The Lady Hypatia was one of the first to so meet her end, due to teaching the ancient truths of Plato and Pythagoras .

And so, on the one hand we have the conviction that all ends with death of the body, and on the other the belief in its resurrection and eternal paradise or damnation. Proof unfortunately, is difficult to come by, but in the records of the Psychical Research Society in London there is evidence for life after death filling shelves equivalent to several several lots of The Encyclopaedia Britannica. The only really satisfactory conviction comes via the Faculty of Intuition, which unfortunately is rarely accessible to those educated and conditioned in the rationalist philosophy of our time. There are some interesting accounts of individuals being brought back to life after dying, but of course it is easy to explain it in terms relevant to neurology and brain activity.

A pseudo- immortality is being attempted by transplanting parts of the body, and some progress is being made to prolong life in this way, but even if perfected is likely to be limited if only because of the shortage of spare parts. A more durable form of immortality is that aimed at by those deluded and depraved enough to preserve their personality by a system of Black Magic so that after death they live thousands of years on the lower astral planes, and so to avoid rebirth.

Metaphysical ideas are very ancient and only became available in written form comparatively recently, but were always preserved in a language understood by only a few people privileged by their long service to humanity and high status in that mystical fraternity The Great White Brotherhood, and hidden in places inaccessible and known only to the few. The symbols in which the ancient language is inscribed can be read on at least three levels of meaning. Certain of them are dealt with in some detail by Helen Blavatsky in her "Secret Doctrine", as "The Stanzas of Dzyan." It is curious how the name "Zion" has been preserved in The Bible.

I have been accused of holding to the belief in successive lives because I cannot bear the thought of being terminated, and thereby asserting the continuance of the self. This is not true, and to hold the belief of the personality as being immortal is ridiculous. Some aspects of it may be permitted to continue for a time after death in order to recapitulate on the life's experience and proceed to attend such institutions of education indicated by such preference, but the rebirth which will inevitably follow, either shortly after "death" or many years later, will always produce a different personality and in an environment calculated most suitable for "evolutionary experience". There is a repository of each life experience on a particular level, and preserved faithfully in that part of mind which is the subconscious. It is called the "sutratma" which is to be likened to a string of pearls, a very long string, each jewel a life recording. When the string is complete it means that the final initiation has been gained in the earthly phase of existence in a higher state of consciousness beyond our imagining. It is all under LAW which is built into the metaphysical cosmos in the great variety and possibilities of a complex septenate configuration, as conceived arising from the Primordial Polarity.

The core of individual consciousness is forever, and exists independent of space and time, and was before the so-called Big Bang at the very beginning, and will be after. It is termed the "monad" in metaphysical parlance, and is to be identified with THE MONAD which is the SOURCE of all the recurrent cycles of manifestation without beginning and without end, which being incomprehensible does not help very much in an attempt to explain immortality. A principle tenet of metaphysical thought is to the effect that there are mysteries which must remain intangible to the rational mind. Such irrational notions are of course anathema to a rational mind inhibited by lack of imagination for speculative philosophy. The totality of things defy rational explanation, although science is doing a brave job in trying to do so, but to think that ALL can be wrapped up in little parcels of discreet knowledge to elucidate the WHOLE is hopeless. We can think only in linear terms which at the outset imposes implacable limitation. I think there may be a key in the understanding of abstruseness to be found in higher mathematics, however that is only one aspect.

The monads exist in groups according to their emergence on the same sub-ray of one of the Seven Rays, at the primal fiat CREATE! This subject requires special treatment as some of it is leading into abstractions, and covers billions and billions of years and repeated cycles of creation each one different in some aspects from all the others. So much is a mystery, and will have to remain so until the human phase has been left behind for a higher. Even then, at the very highest level of spiritual development and evolution, the mystery of The Absolute and First Cause is faced, until ALL is absorbed into an ineffable and unimaginable state of ONENESS.

One aspect of immortality lies in the formation of "groups ", each element of consciousness being a cell in a Group Consciousness, every Group in turn is also a cell in an even larger GROUP, and so-on up to levels beyond the consciousness of the Adepts and Cosmic Masters, and yet the sense of individuality remains throughout but on a level somewhat analogous to human sub consciousness when the sublime state of the Logoi of a Planet is achieved accessible but appears to be ignored due to lack of interest as the active unit of something greater.

The butterfly emerges from its chrysalis after a period of metamorphosis. There is an analogy to be drawn here with the human phase , if you think about it, but the difference is that it takes us a very, very long time to engage in such a transformation. It is all under LAW which controls every aspect of evolution, it is only a matter of Time, just how much depends on the amount of effort and at some stage how much personal sacrifice we are prepared to exercise. Time is permitted as an "Eternity" which is finite, but which we try to assess as to the interval between the formation and dissolution of the universe. In Hebrew there is no expression "forever", only a very long time. It is a mystery. The subject of immortality is a mystery and a source of irritation to many. The overall picture envisaged in the metaphysical conception of the TOTALITY of existence is a magnificent one, and is far preferable to the limited and barren view of the rationalist. We are immortal, it is all true, I cannot prove any of it; some of it will be proved to you all in good time, but I will not be able to say "I told you so". On second thoughts, maybe I will?

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