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Tantra - Sacred Sex

Sacred Sex
Tantra is a spiritual tradition that originated in India some 4,000 years ago. It is a way of life that celebrates and strives for the union of body, mind and spirit. Tantra is a form of yoga. Yoga means union. The ultimate purpose of Tantra is a union of lovers, and union with the divine, with God. In the Tantric tradition, sexuality and spirituality are joined. Lovers actually invite God right into their bed!

Your Vital Spark Tantra Advisors are
Al Link and Pala Copeland




About Al and Pala

We are Pala Copeland and Al Link. Sacred Loving is what we do full time, both in our living together and in our working together. We are following our bliss. Everything we teach is what we actually do in our own relationship to keep it fun, hot, emotionally rich and spiritually evolving. We have been practicing Tantra since 1987 and teaching since 1997. We offer Tantra weekends for couples monthly in our home near Ottawa Ontario. Much to our delight, so far every couple who has attended our weekends has loved the experience.

We did not learn what we teach from books (although we have read lots of them), nor did we learn it specifically from another teacher (although we have had many). We are self-taught lovers. We teach what really works for us and what has also worked for the hundreds of couples we have had the privilege to work with. We offer a toolbox of knowledge and skill from which to pick and choose what suits you and your style of loving. We encourage you to risk and dare, to learn new things and experiment with them to create the love you want and deserve.

Pala was born in 1950, Al in 1945. We have both been around a time or two, and as Bruce Springsteen would say, we are "tough enough for love." Our relationship is one of the most essential elements of our lives, in fact we have consciously chosen to make our relationship the most important thing-our relationship is our spiritual practice. Using Tantra as the primary method of our spiritual practice, we engage fully in keeping our love alive, constantly growing, changing and deepening. We have been rewarded richly with regular experiences of union, transcendence and ecstasy-where the boundaries between us disappear and we wonder "whose orgasm is it anyway?".

We're devoted to each other and to our 6 children and two grandchildren. Our preference is monogamy. Commitment in relationship offers a secure platform from which we can continue our spiritual work of healing, opening our hearts and welcoming God into our lives.

Credential Snapshots

Al Link, BBA, M.A. Western Michigan University
Pala Copeland, BA University of Toronto
Tantra practitioners since 1987 and Tantra instructors since 1997
  • Authors: Soul Sex: Tantra for Two, published by New Page Books, 2003
  • Sexuality writers for Urban Male Magazine (UMM), national Canadian magazine
  • Twenty-two years of professional teaching at the post secondary level to over 5,000 students and adult learners. Covering 21 subjects spanning 8 departments.
  • DMA, Advanced DMA and Certified instructor for DMA (now Technologies for Change) with Robert Fritz and Macrostructural Consulting/Counseling with Robert Fritz
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner
  • Intensive Journal Process with Dr. Ira Progoff
  • Group Process Facilitator - Eastern Ontario Community College Teacher Development Program
  • Higher Self and Essence Training with Paul Welch - one year intensive spiritual development program, including the practice of Awareness Release Technique (ART)
  • Energy Grounding with Denis Chagnon
  • Reiki Levels I and II
  • Featured Sexuality Writers for Urban Male Magazine
  • Producer of traveling art exhibitions for the Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Teacher with Dene Nation adults in Canada's Arctic
  • Business counsellor for small business start-up
  • Community development officer - rallying over 8,000 people to create a grand vision of their rural community's future
  • Victoria Order of Nurses Volunteer for Palliative Care
  • Living With Cancer Group Process Facilitator for The Canadian Cancer Society
  • Group facilitation, conflict resolution, couples mediation


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