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The aura is an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the human body.
Clairvoyants and healers describe it as an egg-shaped field of lights and colors. The aura extends beyond the body anywhere from a few inches to several feet and there are many different layers of energy in the aura, each existing at a different vibration.

Auras - An Introduction
by Paul Naras

Historical references to the auric field extend back to the inception of recorded earthly annals. Over one hundred different cultures have adverted to this electromagnetic energy that surrounds us - and all inanimate objects for that matter.

Five thousand years ago the East Indian and Chinese civilizations were familiar with it. Jewish mystics spoke of the "astral light" and countless Christian and non-Christian artists were painting their masterpieces with halos encompassing the heads/bodies of certain avatars and saints.

Technology is now starting to corroborate what the metaphysicians have known for eons (although I, for one, do not place Kirlian photography in that classification - for there is other scientific proof that is more substantive). There is still of course a proclivity in the left-brained scientific body politic to chide and thunder against anything that smacks of the 'paranormal'. Science is in a constant state of catching up and it sometimes takes an eternity for it to authenticate and attest to the fact that what was once 'supernatural' is now 'natural'.

It's facile to damn something like the aura because one has not personally 'seen' it. But perhaps we have not seen it because we have not attained that state of awakening and spiritual development that enables us to do so. Even highly evolved individuals and those of a mystical bent usually 'feel' this energy long before they actually 'perceive' it.

Most people have had the experience of meeting someone new and feeling an instant attraction - or a strange repulsion. Others feel sensations by touching specific objects or by going into certain homes. Good and bad "vibes" are now part of the vernacular. Some would stipulate that this is psychological and has nothing to do with any energy field that surrounds us. But Bonnie felt comfortable with Clyde as did Eva Braun with Hitler and I would venture that their 'vibes' were pulsating at similar frequencies while those souls who were attempting to live an existence of love, integrity and peace may have been repelled by being in their presence.

Again, physical, mental, astral and spiritual bodies all vibrate at different frequencies. The aura combines the radiation of the energy of matter along with the rarefied rhythm of Vital Life Force. We are the physical, the psychic and the soul personality in one. Universal Energy / Essence permeates the Cosmos and so the 'space' between us is really a 3D illusion.

There is also a connection between the aura and the chakras. The auric colours are said to mirror one's consciousness - the thoughts and emotions that make us who we are. When we are at peace, in love, in a state of harmonium we radiate clear colour. Negative emotions reflect the muddier versions of the same hues ... and so we occasionally feel blue, see red or become green with envy.

The essays/articles that follow in this category will go into more detail regarding various aspects of this subject matter - the effect of illness, emotion and society at large on our auric fields and how these energy patterns can be seen, felt and understood.

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About The Aura
by Ann Albers

The aura is an energy field that surrounds and penetrates the human body. Clairvoyants & healers describe it as an egg-shaped field of lights and colors. The aura extends beyond the body anywhere from a few inches to several feet. A special type of photography called Kirilian photography has even been able to capture the aura on film.

There are many different layers of energy in the aura, each existing at a different vibration. In order to easily remember the primary layers use the following example:

Suppose someone you know begins to exhibit angry behavior. At first, their angry energy hits the outer or spiritual layer of your aura. You shrug it off. You look at them with compassion and assume they must be having a bad day.

Now, the next time you see the same person, they are angry again. Their energy begins to filter into the mental layer of your aura. You will think about their behavior and wonder what's wrong, whether or not you did something to upset them, and how you can help them.

If the person continues to be angry around you, their energy will filter down even closer into the emotional layer of the aura. Now you may be upset when you see the person coming towards you. You may feel angry yourself, sad, or simply irritated.

Finally, if the bad behavior continues, even your physical energy--your body--will be affected. Your muscles may tense, you may stoop, or straighten up in a defensive posture. Chances are likely you won't even realize that you are actually tensing your body as they approach.

As this example illustrates, the aura can be divided into four very important layers: (1) the spiritual layer or outermost layer that records all of your souls experiences (2) the mental layer that contains your thought forms and deep-seated beliefs (3) the emotional energy body that contains your sadnesses, joys, angers, and all the rest of the human emotions you experience, and finally (4) the physical layer which is your body. Esoteric literature divides the physical layer into additional layers including one close to the physical body called the "etheric body."

Most people who see auras do not distinguish between these layers because in truth they all overlap. Instead the clairvoyants notice the clouds of light -- energy that is moving, stuck, or vibrating with different patterns and colors. The patterns and colors of these clouds of light contain a great deal of information as summarized below:

Sensing the Aura

Some people are lucky enough to be born with the ability to see and sense the aura, however everyone can learn. There are three primary ways of perceiving the aura:

1. Seeing the Aura with your eyes open

This method takes more practice than the others. The goal is to achieve a loose and relaxed focus with your physical eyes that allows the more subtle energies of the aura to come in view. There are many books available on the subject, but here is a simple trick given to me by Rev. Judith McClure who runs the Center for Expanding Consciousness

Do this exercise with a friend:

Have your friend sit in a chair with their back against a white wall.

Have them place a small sticky dot or piece of paper in the middle of their forehead.

Sit about four feet away.

Place your hands up in front of your face, and hold your fingers as if you were framing a picture with thumbs pointing inward and your index finger pointing up (Like two "L's" pointing inward).

Loosely focus on the dot on your friend's forehead. While you are doing this, move your hands apart slowly, further and further apart, keeping a loose focus on the dot, and allowing your peripheral vision to follow your hands. If you keep trying this exercise you will soon see a thin layer of light around your friend's head! If you try several times you may even see color. Keep at it! Sooner or later you will see auras.

2. Seeing the Aura with your eyes closed

Work with a friend. Tell him or her to remember a time when he/she felt a strong emotion, but do not allow them to tell you what they are feeling. Close your eyes. Breath deeply a few times and imagine that there is a line of light connecting the center of your forehead with the same spot on your friend. Just breath and be calm in this space. Ask yourself what colors and patterns are in your friend's aura. You may have an inner image appear or simply a sense or feeling of what the aura must look like. Report what you have seen to your friend and correlate the colors/patterns with the emotion they were feeling.

3. Sensing or Feeling the Aura

The aura patterns can be felt by those sensitive to energy. Try putting your hands about three inches above various areas in the body (heart, throat, third eye in th middle of the forehead, and solar plexus, just above the navel) each day and tune into the subtle sensations you feel. With time, you can learn to sense energy. See if you can correlate the subtle sensations with your moods at the time. Sensations might include warmth, coldness, a tingling sensation like the fizzies in a cola, or stronger buzzing, as in front of a television screen, spiky feelings, sluggishness, etc. On different days you may feel different things as your mood and energy level fluctuate.

Interpreting the Colors in the Aura

Colors in the aura are widely subject to different interpretation. However, there are some general guidelines. It is important to consider this information, but to train yourself to interpret the colors according to your own system of observation. Write down what you see, and as you learn more about the person, keep a log of how that might correlate with the colors you have observed. Experience is indeed the best teacher!



A bright candy-colored red can indicate a passionate and energetic nature often associated with people who are courageous, entrepreneurial, or achievers. A deep clear red is often associated with the root chakra and indicates a physical orientation in life, an adventurer, and often a well grounded individual.

A muddied or dark red can indicate anger. Orange/red can symbolize sexual interest or passion.


Orange typically symbolizes a passionate, creative, or adventurous personality. Orange may also indicate sexual passion or ambition.


Yellow often indicates a person with intelligence who has a warm and playful, generally cheerful personality. Sometimes yellow also indicates intellectual energy.


Bright green is the color of the heart and indicates healing, or new growth. People with a great deal of green in their auras are often healers and/or counselors. They are social, and love to share. A dark clear green indicates someone who is responsible and ambitious who is likely to work for material wealth and luxury in their life. A muddied green may indicate envy.


Blue is the color of expression so when it appears in the aura you may be dealing with a teacher , someone who does public speaking, or perhaps someone who is simply self-expressed. People with a great deal of blue are often very sensitive to and supportive of others.


Rose may indicate that the person is in love, or practices deep spiritual self-love.


Purple indicates a person who has a deep connection with spirit or is pursing a path of active spiritual growth.


Black is not always bad, although if it is muddied, clouded, or stagnant this may indicate an area of weakness, illness, or depression. Black may also simply indicate an area of mystery in that person's life.


White in the aura may indicate a very evolved being or may be the presence of angels or guides in the aura.


A person with gold in their aura is an evolved being. Gold indicates a strong connection to the I AM presence of the Divine.


Those with silver in their aura are often good communicators or are dealing with issues of communication.

ANN ALBERS is a traditional Reiki master, writer, lecturer and spiritual counsellor. Her mystical training has led her to many teachers (shamans, channels and mediums). She has been published in the books CHOCOLATE FOR A WOMAN'S HEART and CHOCOLATE FOR A WOMAN'S SPIRIT.
Visit her website at or E-mail her at

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Death, The Energy Body And Its Aura
by Robert Bruce

When persons are nearing death, their auras change dramatically. As a mystic and healer with many years experience, I have probably had more opportunities than most to observe the auras of people with terminal illnesses, in the weeks, days, hours and minutes prior to their death.

The first auric symptoms of approaching death through illness are difficult to diagnose for what they actually are. The etheric aura just starts fading away, very gradually, as the dying person grows weaker, until it is almost undetectable. This also happens, though, during the natural course of many non-fatal illnesses. Please keep this in mind before you start telling people they are about to die.

For what its worth, with these poor tools I have of words, I will try and share what I have seen with some terminally ill people during the time leading up to their deaths. This provides a good general example as the timing of the end result, death, is usually fairly predictable.

The colours of the main aura begin to fade and change slowly during the few months prior to death. This continues until there is only a faint tint of colour left in it; giving it a washed-out look. The etheric aura (the thin band of pale-blue or creamy aura next to the skin) also fades rapidly during this time. It shrinks a little more each day and pales until it is almost undetectable. The natural bioenergetic recharging process slows as the energy body prepares itself for its approaching demise, and the transition of its essential animating spirit into another dimension of existence.

A couple of days before death, depending on the nature of the disease of course, the etheric aura undergoes a dramatic change and begins expanding. The primary and secondary and tertiary energy centers, of the energy body, seem to open wide at this point and start pumping vast amounts of refined spiritual energy into the energy body; flooding the aura.

This causes the aura to have a peculiar bright ethereal glow, but unfortunately one that can usually only be seen with clairvoyance (mind's eye vision ability, i.e., the ability to see visions) and not with normal auric sight alone. This change can also be felt by a sensitive if they have experienced it before and know what to sense for.

The energies accompanying this ethereal glow usually have the effect of temporarily uplifting dying persons. It can also cause clairvoyance in varying degrees. While this variability seems affected by innate ability, they will often begin seeing into the next world, to see and hear spirits. This can be very confusing for them. Often they will hide the fact they can see and hear people they know are long dead; not wanting to appear crazy and upset their loved ones.

This ethereal expansion continues until it surpasses the original size of the main aura. The colour is a beautiful, very, very pale sky-blue, shot through with millions of white and silver sparks. It also develops a peculiar cool-tingly, fizzy feeling to it. A lot of energy can be sensed in this; but not the normal vitality type of energy.

Note: This does NOT mean that any person seen with a pale-blue aura, with or without sparks, is about to die; even if you happen to see this in your own aura during self-observation. There are several circumstances that can cause similar-looking temporary changes. For example, the human aura tends to expand and turn pale-blue in full sunlight; or be changed by the blue-sky above and behind the subject being observed. And keep in mind that background colours can also change auric colours. Spiritual upliftment, including mystical experience, can also have a similar temporarily effect. The colour of the aura during the death process is quite different from any normal pale-blue aura. It is also quite difficult to see this type of aura with a normal level of auric sight alone.

The surrounding atmosphere generated by the expanding ethereal aura often makes people feel uncomfortable. I think this may be because it can be difficult to relate on a personal level to what is happening, i.e., the death process; especially on a spiritual energy level. The heaviness in the atmosphere around a dying person can also cause some perplexing emotions to manifest within those exposed to it. People can become emotionally drained if exposed to this for even a short length of time.

In situations like this, understandably, there is also often a lot of fear and sadness permeating the atmosphere. But sensed at a higher level of perception there is also a profound emanation of love coming through dying persons; even though they may not feel this themselves. This atmosphere intensifies as the moment of death nears.

As a mystic, being in the presence of a dying person is truly humbling. The source power can be incredibly strong at times. You are, basically, standing in the shadow of a greater light being cast through a briefly opened doorway, flowing from a higher level of reality; from one of the spirit worlds or heavens. Unfortunately, for all intents and purposes this is an unseen light to mortal eyes.

A sensitive can feel the presence of the source in this light. It is a tangible, almost touchable energy that permeates the mystical heart center. This can make it swell and thrum with a gentle and powerful rhythm unlike any other; with a kind of spiritual energy resonance.

During the few moments before death, the ethereal-cum-mystical aura surges dramatically, flooding the room for a moment with a profound cool stillness. At this moment, it can feel like time itself has stopped. This is when the unseen light is at its strongest and the doorway into the spirit world is at its widest. Phenomena will sometimes be seen at this time, often visible to the naked eye. I have my suspicions that a dying person's Kundalini raises to its highest level at this time.

The time distortion comes from the rooms exposure to an abstract spiritual reality of a higher dimensional existence than the normal physical dimension we live in. The higher the dimensional level, the less the passing of time is apparent. On the highest level, time ceases and there is only The Eternal Now. Time stands utterly still.

At the moment of death the released spirit of the deceased person will fly swiftly out of his or her body, sometimes helped by loved ones that are waiting. The spirit's old physical body is now biologically deceased. The unseen ethereal aura then contracts rapidly, imploding and fading away to nothing in a matter of a few seconds.

This whole process is like an etheric-cum-auric bioenergetic explosion, followed by an implosion that sucks all the available energy in the room away with it; often including heat energy.

At the moment of death, as a doorway cracks open into a higher reality and the spirit is drawn through it, all free energy can be drawn into it, including the emotional energy being vented by mourners. This can create an unnaturally cold feeling around any newly deceased person.

After death, the atmosphere in the room carries a shocked kind of feeling -- that's the only way to really describe it. This is caused by terrific forces that are at work during the death process. You can feel this hanging in the atmosphere wherever there has been a recent death; especially if you are a sensitive. Depending on the nature of the death in question, this atmosphere generally fades away over a few days. But in an area where there has been a violent or massive loss of life, this shocked feeling can persist for months or even years.

The discarded physical body is now left with only a very weak ethereal glow around it; swiftly fading to nothing. This is barely detectable even with the strongest level of auric sight. This is residual etheric matter and not living aura. This fades away very quickly and nothing more will be seen of the living aura around the corpse. You will see only a pale outline, such as you can see around any inanimate object.

The living aura dies with the departure of its essential animating spirit. I have seen a lot of strange and wonderful things around people when they have died, but never have I seen a living aura around a human corpse.

The human aura is not to be mistaken as just a mere reflection of what goes on within the living body. It is an integral part of the bioenergetic system binding the essential animating spirit in physical matter, i.e., in its physical body. It is not insubstantial like a rainbow or a projected image. It is only ever present in a living being. It has depth and texture, it has warm and cool areas, and parts of it tingle and pulse -- to the hands of a sensitive that is. There is a unique look and feel to any human aura. It is a living thing that can be keenly felt by the hands of sensitives and healers, as well as seen and sensed in other ways.

The human energy system and its aura, and all the wonderfully complex life processes going on within and around it, enable the essential animating spirit to manifest through it into the physical dimension. The spirit animates the physical body through this wonderful bioenergetic process. When it is a spirits time to leave its physical body, this all closes down. It is no longer needed when the spirit goes home again, back to its natural timeless state.

The living aura is still very mysterious, for all the little we know about it. And its existence cannot simply be explained away. It may not fit in with our present level of scientific understanding, but that does not mean it does not exist or is any less real. Aura is strictly a living thing.

ROBERT BRUCE is an internationally respected mystic, researcher and arcane experimenter. For over 25 years he has explored OBE's, Kundalini, clairvoyance and healing. He is the author of Astral Dynamics and presently resides in Australia. Visit his prolific website at

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The 7 Layers of Human Energies
by Lady Mystic

Physical condition and health of physical body.

This level aura is 2" from the physical body and is usually a shade of blue, the deeper the blue the stronger the body.

Emotional condition with respect to self.

This level aura is 2"-4" from the physical body. The color is usually determined by your feelings, positive feelings generally create bright colors and negative feelings create dark colors.

Rational mind Thoughts and Mental Processes.

This level aura is 4"-8" from the physical body. The more active your thinking the brighter yellow it will become.

Relations between the physical and spiritual world.

This level aura is 8"-12" from the physical body and appears as bright rainbow clouds.

Divine will.

This level aura is 12"-24" from the physical body. Appears as blue.

Divine love.

This level aura is 24"-36" from the physical body. Appears as simmering light pastel colors.

Divine mind.

This level aura is 36"-48" from the physical body. Extremely bright golden light that is rapidly pulsating.

Most people have never been able to see auras. However, most of us have surely felt the energies that others radiate. Have you ever experienced a person that walks into a room and the mood of a room changes. Energy radiates from them and the waves of energy bounce into you and instantly create feelings and energy inside yourself. Have you ever meet up with someone you know and without saying a word know that they were having a bad day. Perhaps someone appears to be glowing from head to toe and you just know they are excited or happy. Our aura is effected by others, but it is also layered like armor. It regulates how much of our energy we give out and protects us from unwanted influences that try to penetrate us.

How To See An Aura-Exercise 1

To see the aura you have to be able to relax and concentrate. For a beginner a low light is the best way to start. Try this following exercise and experiment.

  • You need soft light to train in, not dim, but good soft light.
  • Turn out the lights and lay on your bed leaving the window curtains open to let the natural light flow through it.
  • Hold your hands out a full distance in front of you.
  • Don't stare but rather gaze at your hands.
  • Move your hands slowly, bring your fingertips together until they are almost touching.
  • You will notice a cloudy blue haze around your finger. This is the first band of energy in your aura. Your Physical level.

Feeling Your Aura-Exercise 2

  • Draw a circle on your left hand using your right fingertip.
  • Don't let your finger touch your hand, keep it at a distance of about a half inch. Move slowly; you will feel the power of your aura.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Focus your eyes on nothing, don't strain your eyes or tense your forehead. Concentrate! You need a gentle, steady un-focus, just like day-dreaming. It is crucial your eyes are really relaxed and dreamy while you hold the un-focus.

After a while you will see a pale milky aura coming from the object. Keep looking steadily at it and a bright yellow or green aura will start building up from the object. Don't change focus but look directly at it or the aura will disappear. If you have trouble seeing the aura again after the first attempt, have a rest. This is a common problem and just means your eyes are tired.

There is a reason for the strange un-focus. It has to do with the rods and cones in the human eye. The outer field of vision is many times more sensitive to movement and subtle energy fields than the focused area is. Have you ever seen a movement, out of the corner of your eye, only to turn and see nothing there? What you have probably seen is an aura building up from some colored object and your eyes have detected the movement.

Just remember to keep calm and don't try too hard.

On a human the first thing you will see is the physical, like pale smoke clinging to the skin. Next you will see a shimmering optical effect in the air extending maybe several inches, depending on the strength of the person's aura. Keep trying and the color will build. With practice you will be able to see more and more of it. The colored part of the human aura can vary from a few inches to a couple of feet wide.

The brightness of a person's aura has a lot to do with how they feel. If they feel happy and full of life their aura is stronger and easier to see.

Try experimenting, remember everything contains and radiates energy so you can start with different objects and develop your ability by experiment in different conditions indoors/outdoors.

LADY MYSTIC likes to describe herself as an ordinary person who has taken on the journey of determining what she wants from life and what it wants from her.
Visit her website at

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Perceiving and Receiving Auras
by Julia Melges-Jablonski

The Basics

You can see or otherwise perceive and read people's auras. If you don't believe me, you're right. Of course, if you believe it is possible, you are also right! I will never forget the first time my left-brained, generally skeptical engineer of a husband saw an aura (mine). Never before or since have I seen such a look of wonder on his face. It was like he was a child witnessing the tooth fairy flying out the window with his tooth in her magic satchel. I figure if I can help him to see auras, I can help anyone.

While I'm sure everyone has heard the term "aura" before, it may be helpful to define what we're talking about. The aura is a field of energy (electromagnetic and other finer energies) surrounding all living things, and some would say all atomic forms, animate and inanimate. For the skeptical or the scientifically inclined, we are fortunate to live in a time when the latest technology now enables us to measure and observe these energy fields. Our technology confirms what mystics have taught for ages. For more information on the science underlying the aura, especially energy healing, check out Psychophysics: A Wholistic Approach to Healing through the Aura.

Our auras are in constant interaction with each other and with our environments. The more prolonged or profound the interaction, the greater the affect on the auras. Consequently, the auras of family members, longtime friends, and people married for many years are likely to grow more and more similar.

The residue of auric interactions is what imprints places and things with our unique energies. Notice, for example, how different houses feel. Every house has its own aura, arising from the people and other influences residing there, and every room in every house has it's own unique feeling, depending on who lives and sleeps there. A house that is deserted most of the time "feels" more empty than a house that is full of daily living, even when no one is home at the moment. Contrast such a house with a hotel room. The hotel room has a constantly changing but shallow interaction with many diverse energetic influences. We leave the residues of our energy everywhere. Those things we interact with most or most deeply, such as our clothes, jewelry, cars, beds, favorite chairs, pets and loved ones become most strongly imprinted with and affected by our energies. It is this residual energy that psychics read when performing psychometry. It is also the residual energy of very intense or traumatic experiences that usually create "hauntings," which are often simply "tears" in the fabric of space and time, or windows into the past.

We are already aware of others' auras, though most of this awareness takes place at a less than conscious level. We feel drained by some people, others energize us. Some people we feel in harmony with, others discordant with. Someone who is close to or shares our energetic vibration we are likely to feel attracted to. Someone on a vastly different "wavelength" we feel uneasy around. Our language reflects our unconscious awareness of the energy interactions underlying these experiences.

When we sense someone looking at us, we are aware of their energy literally interacting with ours. To a clairvoyant, this is visually observable. I experienced an interesting example of this years ago when I was first starting to see auras. I was waiting for a friend to eat dinner in the large coop house she shared with about a dozen other university students. As I was sitting there relaxed and looking around, I noticed a young man enter the dining room. He looked at my friend, who was facing the other direction, preparing her plate. As he looked at her, I saw a tentacle of deep murky red energy extend from his solar plexus, travel across the room, and sort of "swarm" all over her energy field. As soon as this "tentacle" made contact with her field, she stiffened, then turned around and looked directly at him, with an annoyed look on her face. At that point the tentacle of energy was withdrawn.

Later when I told her what I had seen, she explained that he was someone she'd been having a lot of trouble with, for he was constantly harassing her sexually. It was then that I put together consciously what I had witnessed. He had been fantasizing about her sexually, and I had seen both his "fantasy" and her recognition at a less than conscious level of this. She had simply "felt" someone looking at her and felt annoyed, though she hadn't consciously known why until she saw who it was.

The first aura I ever perceived belonged to an instructor of mine at the University of Michigan. I didn't set out to try to see auras, it just happened one day. I was sitting in a large lecture hall, and I was very tired. In front of me several classmates rested in apparent blissful slumber. I was in a half-trance, relaxed and open. As my attention drifted in and out, I began to notice this golden yellow glow around my professor's head. As he leaned forward toward the microphone and into the spotlight, it was harder to see, but each time he stepped back just out of the bright light, it was there. As I played with my vision a bit, it became clearer, bigger, and brighter. I was surprised.

Knowing next to nothing of what I do now, I remembered something called an aura, and wondered if that was what I was seeing. Then I began to look around the dim auditorium, and was amazed to see auras here and there around my fellow students' heads.

I share this experience because it highlights some key ingredients of the ideal conditions for perceiving auras. First, I was going through a period of disciplined meditation, and many interesting psychic and spiritual experiences were arising that were interrelated. Meditation is the one main ingredient that is universally prescribed for psychic and spiritual development. When one quiets the conscious mind's chatter, whispers and subtle energies can be perceived.

Second, the instructor taught Eastern Religion. While I hadn't considered it at the time, he no doubt had spent years in meditation and spiritual practice. The healthier an individual and the more spiritually developed, the bigger and brighter the aura will be. Hence, the paintings of Jesus, saints, and other holy people throughout history are often depicted with a halo. Their auras were so bright, they were easily perceived by the artist, and perhaps everyone.

Third, I was in a very relaxed state. My mind was blank and open, my eyes were unfocused. This half-trancelike state is essential, especially when first learning to view the aura.

Fourth, the subject, my professor, was speaking before a large group of people. The "charge" that people feel when speaking before an audience (whether defined as exhilarating or terrifying) arises in large part from the tremendous amount of psychic/auric energy that is flowing from the audience to the speaker through their attention. This pumps up the speaker's energy or aura dramatically. The easiest auras to see belong to people standing up and teaching, performing or speaking in front of a group. If the person is teaching a spiritual workshop, the energy that one can observe on the stage is amazing.

The most interesting auric displays I've observed have been while watching someone "channel" entities who supposedly enter and take over the body of the channeler. I've see this actually happen (though I was a bit skeptical, as my own experiences with spirit communication have been different). I've also seen a channeler who says this happens actually by relaying information from at times a spirit outside of her, and at other times from her own "higher self," though I believe that she believed an entity was entering her body. Of course, I listened for the truth in what was communicated, regardless of the source. It's been fascinating to observe such situations.

How You Can Perceive Auras

First, before you leap into this new adventure, make sure you take a moment to examine your intentions, and remember to always act with responsibility. As we develop spiritual abilities and skills, it is especially important that we maintain a high level of integrity. The more powerful we become, the stronger and more immediate the repercussions, both positive and negative, of all we do. We must develop more responsibility and wisdom concurrently with our abilities.

With this in mind, it's important that we get others' permission before we go poking around in their auric fields. It's one thing to sit in the back of an auditorium and observe the glow around someone's head, but it's another to search the field of a friend or loved one for information we don't want them to know we're looking for. Also, it is unwise to push our observations or advice on anyone. If we're asked for our perceptions, then it is prudent to listen to our intuition and act always with love and a desire to empower and inspire others in all we do. It's also important to admit it when we don't know what something means. Just because we can see someone's aura, does not mean we have all the answers. Respect others and respect the process.

If you still want to see and read auras, then I recommend deciding that it will be a process or skill you will pick up immediately, right from the start. Of course, I don't want you to get discouraged if that doesn't happen, but I also don't want to tell you that it's a terribly hard skill to develop, requiring months of meditation and practice (though that doesn't hurt). If you believe you can do it, you can. Decide to do it now, and you can make that happen.

I've either taught or been present when many people have learned to see auras over the years, and here I will present the techniques that were most successful.

First, a dimly lit room is ideal for seeing the aura. Twilight is an especially easy time, for the lighting indoors is ideal, and you are likely to be relaxed and a bit tired. A blank, light colored wall behind the subject is important. Sit across the room from the subject, preferably leaning against an opposite wall or sitting cross-legged on the floor. Both the subject and the observer/s should be comfortable. (The best place in my house for seeing auras is for the observer to be in the bedroom, with the subject standing in the hallway, which is darker than the bedroom.)

The subject can simply sit or can attempt to enhance their aura through concentrated effort, such as imagining energy running up their spine and out the top of their head. The observer should relax, breathing deeply and evenly, and focus on the subject for a few minutes, then look into the space surrounding the subject's head. The gaze should be soft and unfocused. Once light is perceived around the head, the subject and observer can play with this, with the subject sending their aura up, then drawing it in, etc. while the observer describes what they see.

This is the method for viewing the aura with the physical eyes, though I often feel I'm using a combination of my physical and astral body's eyes. It is just as valid to close one's eyes and "imagine" the person's aura, and trust what you see. You can also draw an outline of the subject's body on a piece of paper, and allow your intuition to guide you in charting the aura. The results of this compared to the physical eye method are generally the same, so long as one trusts their intuition in the process.

If you try the above exercises and are still struggling, you may be more kinesthetic or auditory than visual. Some people just don't "see" things in the ways others do, and that¹s perfectly fine. Kinesthetic folks can try "feeling" the aura by running their hands around the body of the subject. Many gifted healers are highly kinesthetic, and sense the energy with their hands, including dis-ease and imbalances. They can "sense" the colors or even more important, the meaning underlying the colors of the aura. Auditory people can simply listen within for information on the aura. It may be helpful for auditory folks to write a description of the aura, listening to the dialogue of their mind to provide the details.

The key is to trust what you perceive, however it is you perceive it.

Interpreting What You Perceive

At first, you are likely to see a slightly bluish white glow surrounding the head and body. This is the etheric body. The astral body (one level out from this) is where colors are first generally perceived. The further out one goes, the more one's skills must be refined, for the energy becomes finer and finer as we move from the etheric body to the astral/emotional body, to the mental and then spiritual bodies. Colors within the first twelve inches out from the body are likely to relate to feelings, the second twelve inches or so to thoughts, and beyond that to spiritual matters.

The following key on colors and their meanings is given as general information. Your intuition is the ultimate authority in all you do, especially in spiritual/psychic experiences. Clear jewel tones and pastels denote positive or pure energy. The clearer and brighter, the more positive. The murkier or "heavier" a color, the more polluted the energy is with negativity, imbalance or fear. There are many shades of every color, so don't be misled by the apparent simplicity of the following list.

Bright, clear red is associated with physicality. A person with this color prominent in the aura is likely to be athletic or sensual, passionate, willful and/or strong. Flashes of red often denote anger, and a murky red (towards maroon) can be lust, while dull red is often resentment. When looking for physical dis-ease, red often denotes over-stimulation or inflammation of an area.

Clear orange is associated with creativity and emotion. It often reveals courage and joy. Muddied oranges can represent pride and vanity.

Clear yellow is very common to find around people's heads, especially, I would presume, in the West. It represents the intellect, and lots of yellow in the aura is the sign of an intellectual. It can also indicate cheerfulness, or a "sunny" disposition. Impure yellows can reveal excessive intellectualizing and imbalance, or someone who is close-minded, dogmatic or critical.

A bright clear green denotes healing and growth, or often represents a healer. Many nurses and alternative healers have this color prominent in the aura. Physicians may have this, but also may tend more toward the yellow of the intellectual. Green also represents compassion. Muddier greens reveal jealousy and greed.

A shade one is likely to observe often if looking at the auras of speakers is a sickly yellow-green. This denotes intellect for greed or profiting from ideas, and generally shows someone who relies on their intellect both for profit and to feed the needs of their egos. I'm not saying that all speakers show this, or that speaking is a greedy endeavor, by any means! If you do observe this in a speaker, however, it is wise to remain aware of where that person may be coming from.

There are many shades of blue to be observed in auras. Blue generally denotes calmness and spiritual devotion, and can be found in seekers of truth. It often represents spiritual/psychic development. Turquoise can denote a passionate and youthful adventurous questing spirit. Bright royal blue shows someone honest and loyal. Light blue reveals a good imagination and intuition. Muddy blue often reveals sadness and loneliness (feeling blue), and also worrying.

Violet and purple in the aura generally denote spiritual or religious devotion. Royal purple shows leadership and strength of will. Murky purple can reveal egomania, arrogance, or a persecution complex, where the individual blames others or outside influences for their unwanted experiences.

Pink in the aura generally symbolizes love, affection and companionship, as well as an appreciation of beauty. Hot pink or magenta shows true devotion and affection. Muddy pink can denote immaturity, dependency and neediness.

Gold is a color showing power, spiritual achievement, dedication, inspiration and harmony. It is a color associated with "God" or the divine.

Grey generally symbolizes fear, and it is generally grey that muddies up other colors in the aura, making them less than clear. Silver would be the positive aspects of this color frequency, representing feminine/goddess energies, optimism, intuition and spiritual awakening.

Brown, when vibrant and clear, represents level-headedness and groundedness. It has an earthy vibration of determination and organization. When murky, it can represent blocks and stale energy.

Black can be fear or hatred and also show problems, imbalances and addictions. A clear jet black, however, can represent protection, mystery/secrets and wisely guarded knowledge.

White can be purity and truth, but is often a mixture of many colors that have not been more finely perceived or interpreted. Balls of light over the shoulders of the subject often reveal spirit guides or "guardian angels" who are important and current influences in the person's life.

Of course, combinations of colors represents combinations of those aspects. For example, blue/green might represent someone who is healing through a spiritual search for truth. It's important, again, to listen to your intuition when interpreting what you see in an aura. Ask within for understanding about what is shown, and develop your own system of understanding based on your own experiences.

Julia Melges-Jablonski is a professional medium/clairvoyant. She is an ordained minister in the Spiritualist tradition, a prolific metaphysical author, web mistress of MuseNet and the editor at

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Healing with the Human Energy Field
to Harmonize the Body, Mind and Spirit

An Interview with Barbara Brennan
Spectrum Magazine interview conducted by Roger Windsor

QUESTION: How did you go from being research scientist and astrophysicist working for NASA, to becoming an energy healer? They seem to be very different professions.

BARBARA BRENNAN: I was living in Washington, D.C., and during one of the race riots in the early 70s I was on top of a building looking down at people breaking into stores, burning the city. That seemed to be a turning point for me. I got very interested in human rights, and human problems. Before then I was primarily interested in science.

At that time, encounter groups were just beginning. I started joining different humanistic groups like primal scream and Gestalt therapy while I was still working at NASA. My interests switched from outer space to inner space. I began to apply what I knew about the world from the perspective of a scientist and a physicist to inner space, and trying to understand it in that way. That's how it switched over.

I felt that I needed to develop the other side of myself. I had worked very hard to learn a lot. I studied science and philosophy in college, trying to find how the world worked. Then, I realized that neither of those was broad enough.

Incidentally, it was at this time that I remembered my experiences of seeing energy as a child. I spent a lot of time alone as a child, so I would go down into the woods and look at the energy around trees, and not really think anything of it. I never talked about it because I didn't think I was experiencing anything differently from anyone else.

Another thing that moved me in the direction of healing was a car accident. A friend recommended acupuncture treatments, and that started me on the road to complementary/alternative health. I was studying Bioenergetics at the time, a form of body psychotherapy, but nobody seemed to be applying it to health and healing of the whole person.

QUESTION: These psychologies left out something?

BARBARA: They realized that the physical body is a manifestation of psychological health and psychological history. Most people understand that the body is a manifestation of our genes, our physical heritage, but it's also directly related to our psychology. Our emotional, social and environmental issues as we were growing up within the family structure, and how we dealt with them, show up in the physical body.

Even though these therapies understood the psychological component, they didn't deal directly with physical illness. They only approached healing from the psychological perspective. They taught the mind/body connection, but it wasn't looked at in terms of healing.

I was at a two-year training program in Washington, D.C., at the Community of the Whole Person. It was all about body psychology, not about physical stuff, other than using hypnosis or deconditioning to deal with some physical problems. But, when I began my own practice, I began seeing my clients' auric fields, the human energy fields. I started noticing how the problems in their physical bodies were directly related to their psychologies by looking at the structure and organization of their auric fields. People distorted the auric field through their psychological issues, or, shall we say, psychological defenses. In order to not experience and feel something that is very painful in the past, one changes or blocks the flow in the auric field. Eventually, that affects the physical body and creates disease.

In the beginning, people were coming for psychological reasons, and I kept watching this phenomenon of auric distortion. Eventually, I referred all my therapy clients to other therapists, because more and more people came to me for healing. I had this ability to perceive exactly what was going wrong in the auric field, and heal that - restructure it, recharge it, balance it - and they would get well.

QUESTION: Can you give an example of a common trauma a person might experience in childhood, and how it can be healed?

BARBARA: In terms of characterology, there are five major character structures resulting from trauma that I list in my book, and these come directly from Bioenergetics. Each has its own cause.

For example, when a child at an extremely early age, even in the womb or shortly after birth, experiences any kind of direct negative aggression from an authority figure, a parent or anyone else, that child's consciousness will react with the "flight" syndrome. This could be physical abuse, or repeated psychological abuse such as yelling, or even aggressive looks. When you're a little kid, and an adult is striking you, wherever it is, you're going to defend against it. It's a very terrifying experience, they're five times bigger than you are. There is an immediate reaction.

Physically, this results in release of adrenaline, rapid heartbeat, etc. Energetically, it means that the auric field and some of the consciousness just go out of the body. The person is not present with their consciousness. They're trying to defend from a dangerous experience.

Usually, the child will pull energy out of the area that has been traumatized, but there are different reactions to trauma. One type will pull it out of the area, another type, however, might make that area very big and heavy. A person might gain weight in that area. This will continue as a pattern throughout life. Wherever the reaction, you'll end up with some kind of physical problem, eventually.

When the person is so scared that they leave the body, they'll actually twist the auric field. They're not consciously aware they are doing this. In order to effect breaking your consciousness away from the terrifying situation, you twist the auric field to get out, and may even break the human energy field at the joints. Many times the auric field will show energy squirting out some of the joints, not necessarily where the person is hit.

Another example of a different kind of childhood trauma is when parents over-attend the child, over-caretaking. In the world of psychology it's called "invasion" - constantly invading the person psychologically and not letting them have their own space. What happens with these people is that the 3rd chakra is blown out, and they will be very vulnerable there, and feel very empty because that chakra may be constantly pouring out energy. These people tend to overeat. In this case, instead of getting out of the body for safety, what they will do is compress themselves inside of the body and gain a lot of weight, tying to create a boundary so they can't be invaded.

The result is weight gain, with all its concomitant physical and psychological problems. There would be problems in the digestive organs, possibly the liver or pancreas, and most likely the stomach.

Just by looking at someone's auric field you can see which chakras are in trauma. A chakra to me looks like a funnel or vortex. In the Eastern tradition they are described as petals or wheels of light, but in Western terminology, it's a vortex, six to eight inches in diameter, containing smaller vortexes. All these vortexes spin, pulling in life energy from the energy all around us. Each vortex relates to a particular organ. A trauma tears open the chakras, causing some of the vortexes to fail at pulling sufficient life energy into the organ. Those organs deprived of energy will not function well.

When I look at a chakra, I check out the vortex, follow it down, look at the organ associated with it, and check out the organ to see if it has the correct pulse. If the chakra is torn open, the organ would be pulsing too slowly and be extremely weak. The colors would be faded out. If the vortex going to that organ is clogged up, the organ is probably going to be clogged up and dark, and needs clearing. It wouldn't be functioning well because of congestion.

QUESTION: So people have these patterns of energy dysfunction with which they're living every day. In most cases, they're totally unconscious of the cause, only aware of the outward manifestations, such as fears and physical disease. This means that, in someone who's overweight, for example, they may try many things, like diet schemes or herbal preparations, but it wouldn't get to the real cause of the problem. The cause is a pattern of functioning that needs to be changed on a different level.

BARBARA: It's actually on both levels. If a person starts using their will power to stop overeating - that is assuming that they get the right diet information when they stop the overeating, it will bring up the childhood pain, because that's the defense. As the weight starts coming off, then that person will feel much more vulnerable, and it will allow the bringing to consciousness what had occurred and the cause of the pain in the first place, which is what needs to be healed. At that point, they might go get some help. When they get the help, if they go to a healer who knows how to work with chakras, they're able to get the chakras to function properly again.

Of course, the person can do it on their own, but, if you go to a healer, they can work directly right on the chakra as well as deal with the psychological issues, then things can be healed quite rapidly.

QUESTION: Those techniques of Gestalt and body psychotherapies, they're thinking of the bodily manifestations of trauma in terms of muscles and tightness, and not in auras and subtle energy. Would a person have the same result from using these techniques? For example, would those therapies help an overweight person carrying a trauma that caused them to build a separation between themselves and the world with their own body fat.

BARBARA: They could very well do that. It depends on the bodywork. I think that what must be dealt with eventually in order to bring out the childhood traumas, or past-life traumas, is to understand how you are holding the entire distorted, negative or defensive state in the auric field in the present. You must understand the childhood origin, and experience it, so you feel how powerful it is in your life. Just thinking about it isn't going to work, which is why body psychotherapy is so important. You do need to understand it with the mind, you need to experience the power it has in your life, and then you need to go the next step, and understand that it's a habitual defense, a habitual pattern of behavior, not only psychological, but in the auric field and in the body, something that you hold in place all the time.

Usually the most difficult parts of the work are coming out of denial, and going in and actually facing and experiencing the pain, and then understanding it, and your belief system under it, and then, on purpose, aligning yourself to change it, and making that choice every day. Sometimes this is the hard work - to change the habit, to learn to run your energy field in a balanced way, to begin to feel what that feels like to be balanced and clear.

QUESTION: Let's say that I've had a trauma, and have a distortion in my human energy field that is causing me to overeat. I go to a therapist and realize that this is a pattern I have. Then, what happens? How does the healing process go from that point?

BARBARA: The internal struggle is started - a choice of change. Many times overeating is related to dependency, such as a person who has been over-cared for. Since the issue is dependency, there will be quite a long struggle of claiming independence, learning how to make your own choices in life and run your own life, without the kind of dependency that you've been experiencing.

The defensive pattern is to not understand and not to act from the internal self. It's so compressed inside, it's not accessible. When I say the inner self, I mean the self that is full of creativity, love, and divine wisdom. It's very difficult for many people to reconnect to this self, because there's never been anybody in their life that has verified it for them. Therefore, there's a long-term learning period that each individual goes through.

By the way, everybody is full of these traumas. If you're incarnated, you've got problems. It's part of the schoolroom. The uniqueness of the work we do, that I've innovated, is that the connection of mind, psychology, body, spirit, feelings, etc., can all be perceived in the auric field, and worked on directly. That means we can work directly on the energy consciousness causing the difficulty. In the auric field, energy and consciousness cannot be divided.

In the example of dependency that we were talking about, if the energy field is stagnated, you can pull a lot of dark energy out, and help the person have the experience of independence. For someone full of fear who leaves their body, we can work directly with the energy field to help the person stay present in direct contact with another human being and feel safe. In this way, the person gets the experience, feels it in their own field, and learns how to regulate their own energy consciousness, which is the auric field.

QUESTION: Let me see if I understand what you're saying. People avoid situations in their lives that reawaken their childhood traumas and cause them anxiety. To heal, they need to go through that anxiety, and be present with it. When this is repeatedly done, and nothing bad happens to them because their fears were, after all, illusory, their anxiety disappears. The body learns there is no need to flee or defend against those situations.

BARBARA: In the beginning that's what happens, but, ultimately the idea is to hold your center with a balanced field even when something "bad" happens to you. And, then, begin understanding how your own actions have created certain situations in your life, and how you can also deal with things that used to frighten you.

When you find the origins, they're not necessarily going to frighten you anymore, because all of it's based on a child's consciousness. If the child experiences a trauma, he or she is going to apply that lesson in a generalized way to their life. They unconsciously make a conclusion about what is dangerous in the world and what isn't. That's the learning process. If a child is young, and a male or female person is directly aggressive to them, they're going to watch out for all male or female people from then on, whichever one it was. They may not consciously know they are doing this.

The issue shows directly in the life. Wherever there is a problem of unfulfillment, chaos, trauma --- whatever your life situation is that is not fulfilling to you - the reason it's that way is because you are blocking your ability to create that kind of fulfillment. You hold a block in your auric field, because of your defensive patterns. There is a direct correlation to what's going on in your life right now, and what you haven't yet been able to bring to conscious awareness.

When we're talking about bringing out consciousness, and bringing out childhood pain, the whole larger picture of this is not just bringing out childhood issues, it's bringing out all the unresolved experiences that you've had in your entire life. It's also all directly related to any lack that you have in your life right now.

We create from the center of our being. That creation wells up from our core essence through our intentionality, through the levels of the auric field, and is manifested in the physical world in whatever form. I'm talking about relationships, careers, children, income tax, artwork, whatever. Human beings are constantly creating. The difficulty is that, as this creative energy upwells from the center of our being, and precipitates down the levels of our fields based on intentionality, it hits all these blocks that have been held in our fields for centuries, because we've had all these incarnations. It hits these blocks and becomes distorted.

Any flow of energy consciousness that is blocked blocks everything - not only the negative feelings, but all the positive ones, and all of the creative force. So, the key here is to open up your life. On the physical level, we're talking about opening up your life and having human needs met. From the spiritual perspective, we're talking about awakening. In order to clear these unresolved patterns, we need to bring them to conscious awareness. That, in fact, turns out to be the awakening process of enlightenment that everybody is talking about.

If you think about it in terms of the auric fields, all of the blocks in the field are actually unresolved creations. If you think of a human being as a generator of creation, that comes from the core center, the Divine within us, in order to create in the physical plane it has to precipitate from the higher frequencies down to the physical world, anything that is blocked in the field is, in fact, that creative energy. The way that is blocked is that the energy is split from the consciousness. Eventually, it causes all these other problems, physical, emotional or in our lives. The spiritual process of awakening, which the Buddhists, Hindus, and everybody talks about, we're also talking about that, because, when it's blocked, it becomes unconscious. So we are in the process of bringing all of this to conscious awareness, becoming awake and aware. This is the spiritual process of enlightenment.

QUESTION: Many spiritual teachings say that the goal is the realization that the individual ego is an illusion, that everything is One. On the other hand, psychological therapies focus on the many problems besetting the individual, and their resolution. These seem like two, very different approaches.

BARBARA: These are two different approaches that I think are coming together. Probably we have a language difficulty here. I agree with both of them, except it isn't the ego that we're trying to get rid of. Many religions talk about giving up attachments. In my experience, the attachments are actually the attachments to all of the blocks, and all of the negative belief systems about reality, as well as our blaming everyone else for our own problems, rather than looking inside to see how we are creating them.

The psychological language is based on the preservation of the self, and the language that is used to refer to the self is ego and those kinds of words. The Buddhist and other religious traditions talk about AtOnement with the Divine, which includes an awareness of that AtOnement. The positive ego, from my perspective, is a good thing, because it is our conscious awareness making choices from the sounding board of all of our life experiences that we call our "truth" - our conscious awareness using our truth to make choices for ourselves and our lives. Usually these choices are about our growth, which is where I believe it should be centered. That's a positive thing.

The process of growth is to become consciously awake and aware of the AtOnement that already exists in the Divine. The part of ourselves that is usually relegated to human consciousness doesn't yet know that experience of Oneness, but there's a deeper part of ourselves that does and always has. What we are doing now is bringing the part of ourselves that is consciously aware of self into the experience of AtOnement. It is not an experience of void, it is an experience of expanded, universal Self, but it still is an experience of self.

Many views of AtOnement come from the Eastern traditions, where the ego and the consciousness itself is not so highly structured as it is in Western society. I think that we are getting to a deeper truth by moving from both ends of this into the center.

QUESTION: Some believe that the enlightened being is always in some kind of trance-like state of samadhi, off in some other worlds. However, in your view they would be fully in the world and creative?

BARBARA: Yes, without the separation between spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, and between divine and human.

There's another way to look at this. Here's some theology: In the beginning, there was the unmanifest Divine. In that, there was no conscious awareness of any separation or individuality. The next stage is becoming aware of individuation, which is the process we're in now. One of the ways to individuate is to incarnate and become self-aware.

QUESTION: "Self" with a big S?

BARBARA: In the beginning, it seems like self with a small S. I haven't met a human being that is beyond the self with the small S. So there is the self, and there is the Divine, and some of us can feel the divine self. The process of awakening is one of becoming consciously awake and aware of the self as one with the Divine, but it is still self, the individuated Divine.

QUESTION: Can you talk a bit about the nature of auras? Why do most people not see them?

BARBARA: Most people see auras when they are kids, but it's not verified, therefore, they disregard the phenomena. For example, a child will look at Aunt Bessie and say, "What's that orange around Aunt Bessie's stomach?" And, Mommy will say, "She's not wearing an orange dress, it's a yellow dress." As a result, the child learns that what mommy is looking at is a yellow dress, and forgets about the orange human energy field around the belly that shows Aunt BessieÆs hepatitis.

QUESTION: So the human energy field is an visual phenomenon, not more of a feeling or intuition?

BARBARA: The auric can be perceived with all of the five senses. When you begin perceiving auras, you begin to distinguish more senses. The three major ways are seeing, feeling and hearing, and distinguishing between emotion and love. Seeing can be very precise, whereas intuition is usually more vague. You can see into the body, see the different organs, and see the different levels of the fields.

QUESTION: What happens during a healing session?

BARBARA: I do not have a practice anymore. I now teach, run our school and write. But I'll describe what I did when I had a practice.

I would have the person come in and have a seat. I didn't tell them I could see auras, because I didn't want them to be uncomfortable. (Of course, after my books came out, everyone wanted to know what their human energy field looked like.) I would sit in another chair, several feet away, outside of the 7th level of their auric field. Then, I would sit there casually and ask them what they wanted my help for. While they were talking I would read their fields. In their talking, when they told me about anything that was wrong, it would emphasize it in the field. Any time you worry about what is wrong with you, you increase the manifestation in the field. Then I would ask them to lie on the table and I'd work on them. I'd get more information as I was working.

Depending on what I perceive, I usually will tell the person right away what I saw, but only to a certain extent. I also learned quite early on in my practice not to tell people everything because it frightened them. And, I learned to check my perceptions three times, with three different senses, before I would give any information. Then, I would find out what the person was capable of implementing into their life before I would give them suggestions.

Any kind of description of the problem would include the psychological issues - which of the family members are connected with the trauma, what was the particular incident that occurred that initiated the whole thing, what happened after that. All of this can be read in the field, related to any particular part of the body. You can also see the state of the organs right now, and how many sessions it will take to resolve things.

Some illnesses require more than subtle energy work. Life-threatening illnesses always require more intervention that straight hands-on healing. I would never work on anyone with a life-threatening illness unless they were seeing other medical people. With any serious problem, the person needs to go to their choice of physician - M.D., naturopath, etc.

QUESTION: What is the actual technique of correcting the human energy field?

BARBARA: I would ask the person to lie on the table and remove their shoes. Then I would proceed to give a healing, which would usually begin at the feet and work up the body, charging and balancing the field. I would go to the specific areas of the body that needed work and clear, charge, balance and restructure the field. Restructuring involves rebuilding the specific pattern of the field in the area that's been distorted.

I primarily work on the first seven levels of the field, but there are many more. The auric field has two major components. One is a standing, structured energy field, with a very specific configuration. Levels 1, 3, 5 and 7 are structured, while the in-between fields are unstructured, so they require different healing techniques. The structured levels need more advanced techniques - more high-sense perception, and more ability to control the energy coming out of your fingers. You're rebuilding lines of light, rather than removing mucus or bioplasma from the unstructured fields.

QUESTION: So, you use your own body's energy to heal the human energy field?

BARBARA: I use my energy field by clearing and balancing it, bringing energy in through all my chakras, then running it out my hands. So, it's not just my energy, it's energy I take in. That's why it's called channeling healing energy. Your body acts as a transformer during the healing, and the regulation of the energy through your field is important. You can change the frequency of the energy out of your hands, change where it goes, you can make it very specific to rebuild certain structures. You can even rebuild the energy fields of organs that have been removed from the body, reducing the requirement for medication. For example, if the thyroid is removed, you can restructure the energy field of the thyroid, and the person will have to take less synthetic thyroid hormone. There are a lot of specific types of healing that can be done.

QUESTION: So, you don't become depleted doing a healing?

BARBARA: I actually get energized.

Any thing that you do in your life that appears to be depleting is because you are not living in the creative moment of the now. You have brought your energy consciousness or awareness off the wave of creation, and have separated your awareness from the energy-consciousness flow within you. Therefore, it doesn't matter what the activity is, what matters is your reaction, or response to it. If you react to it in a defensive manner, no matter how slight, it will be draining. If you respond by synchronizing with the life purpose, realizing that whatever is before you is exactly what is to be attended to for your greater growth, then, indeed, nothing is depleting.

QUESTION: It would seem that a person's energy field would be not only affected by their childhood experiences, but by the food that eat, their exercise level, etc. Do you recommend lifestyle adjustments?

BARBARA: Absolutely. Lifestyle adjustments include: eating a balanced diet, fresh, natural foods that are not poisoned with insecticides; getting exercise; and taking care of all of your needs. A lot of this is detailed in Light Emerging, my second book, in which I relate needs to each level of the auric field, and the things that you must do to keep your fields healthy and balanced. Living in a pollution-free area is also important. Some of the big cities are very unhealthy now. There's no separation between you and your surroundings.

QUESTION: What are your goals for the future?

BARBARA: I want to answer this from the perspective of our school. What we are doing now is starting internship programs in university medical schools - bringing healing techniques into the medical schools. We are already giving lectures there, but now our students will learn to work in the medical setting, where they need to be. Many of our students are already in operating rooms and working in conjunction with hospitals; now we are starting an official program.

Of our 700 and some students enrolled now, we have about 15 to 20 medical doctors studying with us, as well as lots of other health care professionals.

I personally would love to do research, but it doesn't seem to be happening. I'm so busy running around the country giving lectures, and running the school. I also want to clear the way for more writing, because I have a lot of material for another book.

On the personal level, I'd really love to study more science, and to have more fun. I'm interested in the whole integration thing, so I've been doing things like integrating my life more. I've had an awful lot of work over the last several years, and it's taken an enormous amount of effort to build the school, and to create this whole training program. I want to go work in my flower gardens and swim more.

QUESTION: Would you like to see more scientific research on auric fields?

BARBARA: There are two major types of research that need to be done in terms of the fields. One, which I'm less interested in, is efficacy studies. That is, which kind of healing techniques work for what. This is underway under the sponsorship of the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM).

The area I'm really interested in as a scientist is creating some kind of device to measure the fields. Then, we can use it as a way to diagnose health problems, just as we do now with X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs. If we develop equipment that shows the field for diagnostic purposes, then we'll also be able to build instrumentation to heal the field. This will be a huge step in preventive health care because all physical problems show in the human energy field before they are precipitated down into the physical body. As a result, people can be healed before they become physically sick.

There's a lot of tinkering going on now that is not rigorously researched. People are creating all kinds of devices with little efficacy study behind them. Some of the ones I have seen damage the human energy field.

QUESTION: Any final comments or advice for us?

BARBARA: I think the major thing for self-healing is to center into your divine essence daily, which I see as the Core Star, located about one and a half inches above the navel, right in the center of the body. It's a beautiful, brilliant light, the individuated Divine, the God within. Expand it outward. The more we learn to identify with that part of ourselves, instead of all our problems, the more support we give ourselves to become awakened and aware into the AtOnement that already exists within us. It's just a matter of becoming aware of it. It's also a great healing technique to bring that light into any part of your body that you are concerned about.

Also, it's important to realize that anything in your life that is not fulfilled is a key to where you're blocking your energy of creativity. All of your problems are directly related to the creative force within you that needs to express itself. They are the way through, and you must go through them to create your fulfillment.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: Interview was conducted by Roger Windsor, Editor of Spectrum Magazine, and originally appeared in Spectrum Magazine. E-mail:

Barbara Brennan is a spiritual leader, healer and educator. She holds a Master's Degree in Physics and worked as a research scientist at Nasa's Goggard Space Flight Center. She is the author of Hands of Light and founder and President of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Visit her website at

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An Easy Guide To A Healthy Aura
by Jeffry R. Palmer,PHD

Most of us are unaware of the health of our auras or life energy. We go about our daily business without ever giving a second thought to a very vital part of our lives. For the majority of people auras are intangible,invisible, and the notion of life energy is purely an idea or abstract concept, not a thing that can be monitored and measured easily like blood pressure or insulin levels. Yet life energy or auras are just as real and important as any other measurement of our health and well being.

Just because you can't see an aura doesn't mean it isn't there. You can't see a radio wave or an x-ray, but you know they exist. The truth is that auras and life energy can be measured with today's instruments. Modern medicine, being what it is, just hasn't made the technology widely available. Anyone interested in maintaining a healthy aura today must rely on others capable of seeing or sensing life energies. Fortunately there are many practices available which we can utilize ourselves to help insure a healthy and balanced aura.

Most people go through life with their auras extended far beyond a healthy range. Many of us have been lead to believe that a big, extended aura is a good thing.

Actually this isn't the case. An extended aura is susceptible to all sorts of negative energies. Your life energy becomes vulnerable to any negative energy it may come into contact with. It's a bit like walking around in cold weather wearing nothing but your underwear.

You're just asking for all sorts of problems.

Symptoms of an over-extended aura include: headaches, irritability, depression, stress, anxiety, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea, the list goes on.

A quick and easy solution to an extended aura is a few minutes of focused meditation.

You do meditate don't you?

During meditation, visualize your aura as a vibrating energy field around your entire body. Take some deep breaths and imagine your aura moving in closer to your body with each breath. Do this until you feel that your aura is less than a quarter of an inch from your body surface. Try this exercise anytime that you sense your aura may be too "far out". You will know that this is the case if you start having random negative thoughts or begin to suffer phantom aches and pains. Your aura at those times is picking up on any illness or negativity in your immediate vicinity.

Another easy fix for an extended aura is to soak in a nice long bath. Water has an amazing ability to rejuvenate life energy. Water also happens to compress the aura to its healthiest size. Ever wonder exactly why a hot bath feels so relaxing? Water rebalances our life energy. It's no accident that we spend the first nine months of life submerged in water. Water sustains us.

Your aura may be positioned perfectly and still require some healing. This is often the case when we spend any length of time with truly negative people or suffer from any kind of shock or turmoil. If you are feeling drained or low on energy take some time to recharge yourself, meditate, drink plenty of water, give your body some rest and allow your aura some time to heal naturally.

Another consideration of a healthy aura concerns clothing and color. Color can have a direct affect on the health of our life energy. As a rule of thumb aura energy reacts to color in much the same way as light. Dark colors tend to absorb life energy and lighter colors reflect it. Wearing black or dark colors everyday can attract any type energy, whereas lighter colored clothing reflects the energy of others while keeping our own energy insulated. If you are in constant contact with large groups of people you should consider a lighter colored wardrobe. Otherwise you are likely to absorb the energy of everyone around you, good, bad and ugly. The dark colored business suit really isn't a good idea where aura energy is concerned.

Maintaining a healthy and well balanced life energy level is a lot less difficult and mysterious than many might think. It requires no more effort than watching what you eat or monitoring your physical reactions to the environment. As with many other aspects of our health, vigilance is the key to a healthy and nurtured aura.

Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. - Metaphysician, Thought Energy Consultant and Syndicated Columnist, is the author of "Judo for the Soul - The Art of Psychic Self Defense", as well as several articles and papers relating to metaphysics, spirituality and paranormal phenomena. Further information about Mr. Palmer, his books and articles can be found at:

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