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New Age Defined

New Age has nothing to do with clear-cut time frames but can be seen in an allegorical sense - an awakening to a deeper individual and collective consciousness. We could say that it involves a cumulative spiritual unfoldment of the human race brought about by a genuine transformation of individual realization. It is a human potential movement with a holistic blueprint for living that embodies everything from the sciences, government and education to health, ecology, civil rights, ethics and personal relationships. And it is much, much more because in attempting to define New Age one usually ends up constricting it.


Your New Age advisor is Paul Naras

The New Age - Keynotes
by Paul Naras

So, what do you think brothers and sisters - after all the reading you've done and after all the years you've spent experiencing 3D existence on Mother Earth. Is life purposive?

Perhaps somewhere between ten and fifteen percent of the people who comprise our Western civilization do not believe in a Higher Power or a higher purpose. Life is a fortuitous but unwitting accident and we make the best of it before we eventually dissipate back into the nebulous void from which we emerged.

The individuals who subscribe to this persuasion come from all walks of life, many are highly educated and most lead an ethical and productive existence. And chances are these men and women will not find this website relevant, logical, scientifically substantive or even entertaining. We wish these folks all the best and remind them that the pages of any New Consciousness volume which they purchased by accident and attempted to digest can be recycled, used for origami purposes or as liner for bird cages and kitty litter containers.

The rest of us, to some degree, will answer 'yes' to the question in the first paragraph. What life's purpose is, however, has been the subject of debate ever since humans learned to use their tongues for more than just smacking their lips after a roast woolly mammoth luau.

First of all, let us not confuse 'purpose' and 'goals'. Goals can be transitory or long-term ideals. They can involve the kind of profession we may wish to enter, the type of relationship we may be looking for, or the children we may desire to raise. Without goals life becomes vapid and pointless. A life purpose, on the other hand, broaches the philosophical, connects us with the spiritual and makes us ask the question - Why am I here? And the answers to this query range from the rationale of the Protestant work ethic to unconditional hedonism to everything in between.

If we were asked to condense in twenty words or less the mandates of the Avatars / Masters / sages who journeyed before us with regards to the issue of life purpose we might end up with the following:- To evolve (awaken) intellectually, emotionally and spiritually and to utilize what we have learned in the service of others. If we were ordered to do it in one word that one word could only be - Love!

Each one of us also comes into this life with a specific personal mission. There is a lesson that needs to be learned by heart, a test that must be passed or a task that has to be accomplished. This mission may not necessarily have anything to do with our vocations or our respective avocations. And if you have no idea what your mission is then some of the ideas, tools and techniques provided on this site may assist you to unravel that ulterior design.

Many beginners just embarking on the road towards transformation and personal mastership speak with a sense of urgency and childish effervescence about their ultimate target - Nirvana, Peace Profound, Cosmic Consciousness. Their ideals are whole-souled and selfless and keep them actuated. But many are called and few are chosen.

Desire may be the first step but it alone will not win you the race. Solid preparation and determination are also key but there is another ingredient that is de rigueur, that is the yeast without which the bread will not rise. Can you guess what it is?

An acquaintance of mine was visiting a friend's home for the first time and on the living room wall she espied the most stunning and picturesque hook rug she had ever seen in her life. It was massive, well crafted and so pleasing to the eye that she decided right on the spot that she would make one for her own residence. When she asked the friend how long it had taken her to complete this masterpiece the reply was - "About 1200 hours". Later that evening my acquaintance got out her calculator and ascertained that if she put in two hours every evening during weekdays and an extra ten hours on weekends (which was certainly going to wreak havoc with some of her extracurricular activities) it would still take her 60 weeks to complete the project. The endeavor was put on hold and a month later my friend decided that she didn't really want the rug that much after all.

The sweat of one's brow is the dead end street where many aspirations and passions come to a screeching halt. The mystic has to pay his/her dues every bit as much as the pianist, the marathon runner, the artist and the ballerina.

The attainment that this website particularizes can only be achieved through rigorous effort. With exertion comes aptitude and efficiency. From this flows acumen and insight. The end result is wisdom and mastery.

Men and women of good conscience, benevolence and unselfishness need not apologize for occasionally not wishing to leave the comfort and security of the land of Nod in the morning. The underlying motives for wanting to crawl back under the covers or for eventually getting up on the wrong side of the bed are understandable, plausible and all too human.

Sometimes it seems that the more things change the more things stay the same. Open-mindedness and tolerance for the other's point of view (if they were ever really in vogue) have been supplanted by a smug, self-righteous surety. Many do not apprehend or respect diversity. And it becomes an exercise in futility to try to reason with those who think they own the 'truth'.

We have become proficient in pinpointing our differences. We are extremely inept in discerning and appreciating our commonalties. There is little satisfaction in merely finding fault with a contrasting train of thought. Our leaders hurl accusations at various individuals and groups and verbally eviscerate one another over the airwaves. Character assassination and name-calling have become the critical spices for a rather tasteless literal stew.

A moral crusade seems to have erupted between the forces of political correctness and the champions of old-line obscurantism. Certain ideas and opinions in and of themselves have been declared evil and the people who espouse them depicted as even more pernicious.

It's quite easy for all of us to get caught up in a belief system. It is a mortal tendency to want others to think, act and react in like manner. We discover something that is 'right' and 'true' for us and feel that this self-evident principle should be embraced by all.

Unfortunately the boundless clouds of intolerance will not dissipate until we end one of the longest running confidence games of all time. It has become second nature for us to extol our own conduct as 'right-minded' by pointing our fingers at those who are comparatively not so. The pages of history texts are replete with empires, societies and individuals who demanded and designated 'archenemies' for the sole purpose of side-stepping their own ignorance and savagery.

Ethical men and women need not be so open-minded that their brains fall out. However, the path towards personal and social maturation hinges on an obligation to amend our viewpoints as we reconsider certain prevalent convictions. Oscar Wilde wrote that truth is never pure, and rarely simple. One day soon, hopefully, the body politic will grasp another concept - that the more we understand the less we tend to condemn.

Indulge me while I delineate one more personal incident, dear readers. In 1973 I was alone in the big city. I had just graduated from university, had no potential employment offers on the horizon, ten bucks to my name and thousands of dollars in student loans to start paying back.

One Thursday, after a day of job-hunting, I went straight to a free lecture on the subject of meditation. I was prompted to attend more out of curiosity than anything else. At that point in time I wouldn't have been able to even define words like 'metaphysics' and 'spirituality' - let alone comprehend their sum and substance. Anyway, the speaker touched me emotionally. An inner chord was struck and I instinctively knew that I would have to take this path. The cost of the course ($100) was quite prohibitive and I decided that, even though it might take months for me to acquire this amount, I would eventually come back and sign up for the workshop.

That very evening when I got home to my $20 a week attic apartment I noticed a letter from my home town waiting for me. An old friend was reimbursing me for a loan that I had long since forgotten and forgiven. There was $100 in the envelope. Needless to say I didn't spend a single dollar of that money on entertainment or food. I attended that workshop. I took 'the road less traveled' and it has made all the difference.

The so-called coincidences in our lives do not happen by chance. There is no such thing as an accident. Everything (in some sense) is purposive. The various articles in the New Age section of this web site have just scratched the surface of a number of issues, concepts and cosmic laws. And practically all of the information is as old as the hills. I have simply clothed some ancient truths in my own words and presented them to you - just as they were gifted to me.

Remember the millennium hysteria? It was a time for - let's all be very very afraid. Something was definitely going to happen (depending on who happened to be standing on the soap box that particular day). The world would come to an end ... Mother Nature would pay us back in kind for our destructive stewardship ... Jesus would return triumphantly to establish His kingdom ... the earth would tilt on its axis and huge portions of humanity would vanish in the twinkling of an eye ... the aliens would return to save us ... the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series and Hell would promptly freeze over.

None of it happened. But the timing was not quite correct. We are very close to that period in the earth's (and our) awakening when certain milestones are going to transpire. Many rather unpleasant scenarios have been painted and prophesied but it is not my purpose here to give them power by detailing the specifics. If there is a baptism of fire awaiting us personally and collectively then let us welcome it with courage and steely determination. The final outcome however, rest assured, will be Olympian and beatific and absolutely wondrous in scope.

A thousand years from now the Age of Aquarius will be in full bloom. The political, economic and religious paradigms upon which our present society is structured will have long since crumbled and transformed themselves. And even if you, respected reader, don't believe in the dawning of a New Age the following recapitulation of a few basic concepts should be assayed and hopefully adopted - if only to augment your own humanity, your own heart and soul.

Think of all the people and professions it takes to put food on our tables, to manufacture the clothes we wear on our backs and to supply all the energy utilized by every gadget and appliance in our households. We need and depend on one another. We are all connected. We are one. But how many of us understand this and the impact we all have on each other and the planet on which we reside?

Do you think that you can throw litter out your car window onto the highway, spread malicious gossip about a coworker, steal a sweater from a store, abuse an animal or another human being, remain mute when you see an injustice taking place or turn your back on someone who needs your assistance without this action affecting the universe, the sum total of your reality?

We need to take responsibility for every thought, word and deed because they all directly or inferentially influence the Whole (as the microcosm so the macrocosm).

There is no universal yardstick for personal success. The question that begs to be asked is this: Are your goals and ideals the reflection of a materialistic society or do they mirror the passions and aspirations of your Inner Self? The illusion of disconnection and insularity dissolves and forever fades away when we divine and realize our respective, unique life quests.

It's important to spend time asking ourselves questions, processing thoughts and feelings, and arriving at some level of understanding as to the significance behind the various circumstances and predicaments of our lives. But the better part of every day should be spent living - not analyzing. LIFE IS THE RIDDLE AND LIFE IS THE SOLUTION. Enjoy yourself - you're here to have fun! Have faith in yourself and in the world you inhabit. "Live as you would wish to have lived when you come to die", said Confucius.

And practice mindfulness. When you are bathing your baby or your kitten, when you are weeding your garden, when you are giving your lover a foot rub and even when you are washing the kitchen floor - make certain you are 100% there. Imbue every action with devotion and love. NOW is the only moment you can really experience and depend on. Every outer deed and course of action can serve to enhance and unfold the inner self.

And ultimately - it all comes down to this: You can either become a passive recipient, a victim of fate - or you can become the master of your own life.

The choice is yours!

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Paul Naras Biography

PAUL NARAS is a counsellor / life coach, a writer, a mystic, a jester, a pundit, a lone wolf, a fast friend and a walking question mark. In 1974 he arrived Paul Narasin Toronto with a university degree and one hundred Canadian dollars. In other words, the small town kid brought nothing of value with him when he made the move to the big city. He was also a stubborn, supercilious, cynical child. But he's feeling much better now.

Since 1979 he has worked with young offenders, federal / provincial parolees and the homeless and street youth in his capacity as a social worker.

He has been interested in metaphysics and New Consciousness movements and organizations for over 25 years. He has self-published four books and written articles for a number of publications.

He is a Reiki Master-Teacher.

And he is the Co-ordinator of VITAL SPARK - Canada's New Consciousness Network.

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