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Cosmic Convergence Countdown

Cosmic ConvergenceThe ancient proverb stipulates - May you live in interesting times. The vast majority of the populace has yet to realize that the next ten years (and the ensuing period after that) could conceivably incubate and then deliver the most consequential if not absolutely pivotal / climacteric interlude in thousands of years. Now, how hyperbolical was that last sentence? But there are very spiritually prudent scribes and pamphleteers out there also making statements like - The eyes of the Cosmos are focused on the drama being played out on Mother Earth at this point in time. And - there are legions of souls anxious to incarnate into our 3D microcosm so as to have the opportunity to experience what is about to transpire. What occurs here will affect the entire universe. We're an evolving genetic experiment whose time has come.

Those who have been on a conscious metaphysical path and are fairly well read already know what I'm referring to. Those who are just beginning to awaken and are simply embarking on the ocean of New Consciousness may be confounded, dubious or outrightly panic-stricken by the paragraphs that follow. To those individuals I can only offer a line from ROBINSON CRUSOE, one of the first books I read as an adolescent - "Fear of danger is ten thousand times more terrifying than danger itself".

There is one very important caveat to keep in mind when deliberating the future. Tomorrow's events are not written in stone. To be a fatalist is to be spiritually and psychologically unsophisticated and unenlightened. All of us are presently creating a personal / collective futurity with our thoughts, words and deeds. But, be that as it may, there have also always been adepts, masters and luminaries who have been capable of catching glimpses of our conjoint efforts, of our destiny (since, in the mystical sense, there is no such thing as time).

Nostradamus, for example, even though his quatrains are subject to various and sundry interpretations, had been doing quite well over the centuries - until the last few decades. And, to digress, this brings up another crucial point of fact.

Master Buhu, an eminent prognosticator, looks at you and predicts that you will severely break your arm as you leave work this Tuesday. You, skeptical but still a little nervous, leave your office on Tuesday afternoon and start walking gingerly to your car in the underground parking garage. As you cautiously go down the cement stairs to your level you notice there, almost indistinguishable in front of the bottom step, a substantial pool of oil that has materialized sometime during the course of the day. You carefully step over it, reach your car, and arrive home safely.

It is within your rights to approach Buhu and exclaim - "You were wrong. I did not injure myself". Exactly - but what might have been? Did not this 'wrong' prediction perhaps serve its purpose? Many, if not most, of the prophecies floating around today will not materialize. Some - for a reason. Others - because they had no merit from day one. The future is transfiguring itself with every thought we deduce and with every deed we undertake. This said - let us continue.

Timing may be everything but chronometrical accuracy has never been the average oracle's strong suit. I am reminded of that gallant but imperceptive Christian sect that started predicting Armageddon and the Second Coming in the 1800's. After each date came and went uneventfully they would resolutely herald another, and another, until finally, after countless failures, they decided to retire their crystal ball.

Today's metaphysical giants are also fearlessly taking the plunge. It's not coincidental that they are all pointing towards the same date (within months or a year from each other) - the same time period when the ancient Mayan calendar mysteriously ends.

I have expanded the window of opportunity to include them all. Let us say that whatever is going to occur could very possibly eventualize sometime between the fall season of 2011 and the opening months of 2013. And what is the Cosmic milestone, the transpiration that awaits us all? It could be any of the following or a combination thereof:-

The earth will shift on its axis. Here we can include individuals like Cayce who predicted massive earth changes; Immanuel Velikovsky - whose books WORLDS IN COLLISION and EARTH IN UPHEAVAL sparked a furor of controversy half a century ago and then, leading to the present day, where someone like Gordon-Michael Scallion is affording you a peek at the new world to come with detailed maps on his website.

Although today's Old Age historians and geologists will have none of it there are far too many of us who know in our hearts and souls that Lemuria and Atlantis existed and then sunk into the subterranean depths, that civilization in one way, shape or form has existed on the earth plane for over 300,000 years and that cataclysmic evolution is nothing new. The only disagreement within this view/vision of things to come is that some think the planetary changes will be monumental while others feel that this time we will be spared the massive loss of life and far-reaching global consequences.

We are approaching the next major step in Earth's evolution - the end of another 26,000 year cycle, and our solar system is moving into the Photon Band (which is 2000 plus years wide) as our steady and faithful planet streams into the Age of Aquarius and synchronizes with the Galactic Center. This age heralds an awakening and consolidation / harmonization of humankind.

The systems we all grew up with are on the verge of collapse. Authority (be it governmental, religious or secular) is going to be questioned as it never has before. We will eventually take back the power we have surrendered during the past millennia when we allowed others to tell us what to think and when we were told that we required intermediaries to interpret Divine Essence for us - instead of contacting God directly through meditation, through our hearts and souls.

We are being presently bombarded with accelerated energy. Light is reaching our planet from ancient star systems. The frequencies (which will increase one hundredfold around 2007) are already so high that many individuals with repressed sensibilities and lower vibrational cognitive dispositions are already having a hard time dealing with them - and are acting out personally and collectively in various destructive ways.

We are on the brink of a dimensional shift. Geophysical Earth changes will also result in humankind evolving at an extremely accelerated rate. Our goal will be to stay centered as the vibratory impulses alter each one of us on a physiological level. Whenever a major cycle begins or ends there is not only an energy conversion but a perceptual shift as well. Furthermore, any weakening of the geomagnetic field has been proved to play havoc with individual minds, memories and emotions so when/if the dimensional fields begin to overlap we could start seeing a number of scenarios - from colors and objects that are foreign and strange to us to utter societal chaos.

The Family of Light and the Family of Dark will enter the final act of the psychodrama that has been taking place on the earth plane for the past thousands of years. People will slowly awaken to the fact (if they haven't already) that they have been controlled from day one. A psychological exploitation of consciousness (keeping people in a state of fear) has been deliberately utilized by a select and elite group of individuals and this behavior-modifying manipulation continues to this very day - even more accentuated by the powerful propaganda tools of television and technology in general. The secrets of these ruling families will come to light including the various techniques they have used to produce mass trauma (9/11 being the latest and, to date, most pivotal and strategic) along with the ageless ploy of creating an 'enemy' to foster anxiety, panic and instability and shift the focus of attention and the finger of blame from where it rightly belongs. The dissociated overwrought mind/body state is very highly suggestible thus making it fertile ground for reprogramming and for the imprinting of new beliefs (and misbeliefs).

This is exam time for the human race and there will be tests and choices we all have to make. Will we choose to reside in a world based on control through technology or will we opt to awaken to the blessings of Nature? Will we take a pro-active part in dismantling limiting archetypes and belief systems that have been utilized to subjugate us or will we release those restrictive patterns that have inhibited us from living and enjoying Gaia's natural bliss as fully grounded entities? Will we continue to live incarnations of restraint and constriction and not remember who we really are or will we awaken as to why we are here and realize that we have all the answers inside and everyone of us is connected - an integral part of All That Is?

The Earth will shed its skin (the layers of duality and illusion). It will wrap itself around another planet that is already waiting in position. Those individuals who choose not to awaken, to stay in duality, will continue on in their present state of awareness on another physical vehicle. Those individuals who have experienced an increased acceleration of evolution will either have completed their final earthly incarnation and embark on their next adventure in the higher realms or will carry on their existence on the new (4th or 5th) dimensional Earth and continue to incarnate there as the Age of Aquarius begins to flourish.

VITAL SPARK invites comments from all interested parties regarding the scenarios mentioned above and others that may have been omitted. It is also paramount that we point out a couple of very significant concepts that we, as Vital Spark staff, embrace with our whole beings. There is a common misconception that the ancient Mayans believed that the world would end, literally, in 2012. It will not! That date simply identifies an astronomically defined occurrence, the end of another cycle — as our galaxy completes another revolution around the Greater Central Sun. As far as specifics are concerned, neither the Mayans nor any of our present day seers can stipulate with any amount of certainty as to what will happen (if anything), whether subtle or overt, around that time. This is the future we are all presently creating. Will it materialize as a projection of our collective, basest apprehensions and anxieties — or our highest and most sublime hopes and expectations? Remember that humanity (all past civilizations stretching over hundreds of thousands of years) has never been annihilated — but only transformed. The seeds we are all planting may not blossom until after many (or all of us presently 'alive') have already left this plane of existence. The date 2012 is all about beginnings — and not endings. And even if my life, your life, or collective human life ends there or somewhere down the road — all this really connotes and symbolizes is the end of a mirage, a vision, a dream. For — there is only Divine Essence.
Everything else is an illusion.

What do you think will transpire — if anything? We will publish your essays / E-mails in this section as we wend our way through the coming years. Send your thoughts to the Vital Spark Coordinator:

Be well — and see you at the Cosmic Party!

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