About Oil Pastel


The popularity of coloured pencil art is rising steadily, with the appearance of more and more work that has the look of an oil or acrylic painting, especially in the realistic or photorealistic genres.

Coloured pencils, once the domain of school children, is now being used by professional artists to create book covers, advertising, animation and fine art.

A limited colour range of pencils did not make an appearance until the 1930’s. Today, companies manufacture pencils that are thick or thin, hard or soft, with high lightfastness and of archival quality, in hundreds of colours.

All of my coloured pencil artworks are created on professional acid free illustration board. Pencils used, contain pigments that are highly rated regarding permanence and lightfastness. The artwork is sprayed with a protective fixative. Generally, coloured pencil art is matted and framed behind glass.


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