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Vital Spark welcomes contributions from aspiring, perspiring, inspiring writers who feel it is part of their Cosmic mission to share, to edify and to enlighten.

The only accolade/remuneration we can afford to give you is the opportunity for your words to possibly galvanize, entice, alter or completely transform the hearts and minds, thoughts and actions of your fellow brothers and sisters ... or, at least to make someone stroke their chin, look skyward and say - "HMMM"

Vital Spark is open to any and all subject matter (check our categories in the Articles / Essays section). We have no issue with controversy or unconventionality but we would prefer to give a wide berth to unauthenticated diatribes and outright slander.

E-mail your compositions to:

Paul Naras

or mail to:
Vital Spark
3025 Queen Frederica Drive
Unit # 707
Mississauga, Ont.
Canada L4Y 3A1

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