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If your site identifies with what we here at Vital Spark are attempting to do and echoes or approximates the desire to accommodate and serve those individuals on the path toward spiritual / mystical awakening - perhaps you would like to link up with us.


Links to some of our favourite sites

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Site Description David Suzuki — The world renowned Canadian scientist, environmentalist and author. For those who resonate with the 11:11 and the teachings of Solara.
Rosicrucian sites that retain and maintain the true lineage of the Rosae Crucis. If you don't know anything about Chemtrails - you should. You'll get all the basics at this site. If you relish essays about all sorts of spiritual / metaphysical topics you'll find them here in the Articles / Archives section. This is a very extensive website. Go to the site map and you'll discover a few hundred topics - including the one you're probably looking for. Suzan Caroll has a very interesting and informative site for your perusal - with topics from chakras to channelled communications that are (for once) quite revelatory and employable. Sandra Sparks has launched a new mega-website dedicated to reincarnation: The website includes a discussion group, The Reincarnation Cafe, and an extensive site called The Reincarnation Compendium. EARTH VISION talks about / promotes environment issues and the importance of our wholesome communion with nature on a foundational level.




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